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  1. hey! so whats going on here? Erins living room? There is an audio torrent i downloaded a long time ago, and it sounded like a very personal acoustic show. Everyone took turns requesting songs. Also, at one point during the show Jeff talked about the charity deal at hand and showed much appreciation for it. Is this the same charity deal just second time around? How did something like this come to be? This all seems really awesome.
  2. i love the sesame street outta mind. if i were to go see wilco play one song of my choice it would be that. i like to think of it as the pre cursor to summerteeth. it would fit right in to that album.
  3. HA! a little bit ago i told my friends that henceforth i will only date girls who love wilco.
  4. i always see that Outta Sight (Outta Mind) gets played. But what about outta mind. The real sweet poppy version. The pre-cursor to Summerteeth as it were. Do they play this at all? Did they play it at the residency??! If so, what night. I love this song so incredibly much.
  5. i think "lets not get carried away" is awesome. super badass. but i dont think it would have flowed with the rest of SBS. Just as how panthers was pretty cool, but it didnt belong on Ghost. Personally, i think one true vine is just boring though. I heard a 15 second clip of "Glad Its Over" on amazon and it sounds cool. But HEY!!!! what happened to "the good part". that song gets stuck in my head so easily!!! Maybe soon enough we'll get some EP, or maybe some goodie that comes along with this dvd that will have all these songs on it, that'd we wonderful.
  6. no more total prose!?!?!?!?!? bummer! but no way is that the last of them we will see with wilco though. Im pumped for this dvd. For at least the past four or five shows they've been playing Pieholden Suite. Therefor i believe its pretty safe to say they are aiming for that to be on the DVD.
  7. this is the first concert in a while with no pieholden suite! They've been playing it a lot! Thats great.
  8. pieholden suite!! just a kid!! those two right there make that show awesome. and the fact that they recorded it! if they were to put pieholden on that dvd i'd die.
  9. mine def. has to be reservations. but pot kettle black is always real groovy when acoustic
  10. sbs for sure. i wouldnt be able to stand ghost or YHF. summerteeth is too much also.
  11. i got being there for the first time only like a month before the residency. still hooked. but i couldnt tell you the last time i went one week w/out hearing at least a little bit of summerteeth.
  12. that wouldnt surprise me at all but. i also wouldnt be surprised if they took some rocking song from AM/Being There like kingpin or monday or something. especially after the residency. also, it wouldnt surprise me if shot in the arm was played. that song always seems to get a great response live. i was there on saturday, and as i looked around while it was being played, people were totally loving it!
  13. Wilco history. I went saturday night, and had the hardest time listening to the streams and looking at the setlists and not being disapointed. I need to hear Pieholden Suite somehow though!
  14. was that the best night? sure seems like it could have been, and also sounded like it could have been.
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