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  1. This is the best song i've heard in 2009 hands down...its already made into my Wilco top 5 and rising. Its a 4 minute panic attack and I love it.
  2. I thought most of the shows did....but I'll nominate Dan Auerbach, same label, it would make sense.
  3. what always amuses me is that people somehow think that because Nels joined they stopped being an alt-country band or something...If anything he's brought that aspect back a little with his slide playing. Tweedy was taking the band in that direction no matter what....Nels just came along at the perfect time and this band clicked.
  4. I feel like it has Sgt Pepper elements and thats why I love it.
  5. Nels was born to be in Wilco...I can't think of another guitar player that fits their style anymore....my interest in this band jumped bigtime again when he joined.
  6. I'm searching google and nothing? can you give me hint or send? would love to hear this michael.panico@gmail.com thanks!
  7. michael.panico@gmail.com would love it if someone could send this to me..thanks!
  8. Lonnie Mack Earl Hooker Jr. Steve Cropper James Burton Buddy Guy
  9. I live in MA and will probably go to the Lowell show but i'm pumped about the Portland, ME show....if i'm not mistaken this is a little mini festival they have.
  10. Neil is always relevant to me. You take his bad records with all the good but the one he put out with the Harvest DVD was really good. He still sounds great and has a lot of good music in him. I don't think Bob is as much. He just doesn't sound that good and I really can't think of a good record he's put out since Time out of Mind...but we'll see on this new one.
  11. bold992003


    funny I read this yesterday and thought about seeing Wilco at the Agganis arena a few years back and my girlfriend and I witnessed this exact same thing. This couple in front of us (like 2nd row) could not stop making out and like slow dancing. We couldn't stop commetting on it...it was like there was no concert playing at all for them...they were in their own world and annoying the crap out of everyone around them.
  12. I love that system...last time Tweedy played there I had front row Dead Center tix.
  13. loving the new record..can't wait to see him next month!
  14. I saw him a few years ago in Memphis with Hubert Sumlin..and actually ran into him at the Memphis Airport....great to see his still performing. Unreal piano player.
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