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  1. That presale process completely sucked! sooo pissed off! Had the tickets in the cart, paid for them, hit submit and got a 404 error. Hit the cart link again, and even though it showed my tickets with a 7 minute timer, it said no tickets available.
  2. No idea on the sales. Like Socbret said, maybe 60 people, tops. I, unfortunately did not buy anything. They had the usual T's, (three different styles, I think) for $15, a totebag for $12, and their CD's for $12.
  3. bgraves001 will probably post soon, he was the taper.
  4. I agree, a great show. Never heard anything from them before, and I was pleasantly surprised. Got to meet Pat and John, they are very accessible both before and after the show. Awesome cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Sentimental Lady."
  5. Last night at Jeff's show here at Austin, Jeff mentioned this site and jokingly said we should just swamp this website with all the bands we could think of. I wrote in: Pantera, and Anthrax for starters.
  6. Not sure I like the added keyboards in this song.
  7. ......best life never leaves your lungs.. love that line
  8. I was praying for this one in San Antone. Great song.
  9. man I love Nels on slide guitar! Sorry, long time lurker, first post!
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