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  1. A little self promotion....http://viachicago.org/topic/52402-3-x-ssf-3-day-passes-early-bird-price-cabin-reservation-in-southern-vt/
  2. The Tickets are sold. We're having to cancel our trip to Solid Sound this year and are selling 2 the last 3-Day passes way less than the Early Bird face value ($95.00/each) on this link at StubHub. We'd also reserved Ye Olde Log Cabin in Woodford, VT for Thursday June 22-Monday July 26 and have just canceled our reservation there. The cabin is a 33-40 minute drive to Mass MoCA (according to Google Maps) depending on the route you take. As of right now it's available for the entire weekend. To be honest, we had to reserve this place back in early February. It was hard to find then, an
  3. What pi227 said!!! You guys rock!
  4. Count me in as someone who's looking forward to getting a chance to hear a recording of this show. We were just behind the person taping the show with the microphone boom. The guys were on in SA, this show had to be one of best I've ever been to. To any tapers: I can help with some uploading if anybody needs it, just let me know!
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