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  1. "Don’t you just hate when musicians put their artistic aspirations above the expectations of their fans?" ​I stopped reading after this sentence. It might of been irony, but this guy is such a bad writer I couldn't figure it out. Me read good yo......
  2. I always thought Summerteeth should open with Candyfloss. I don't know, but I always assumed it was included because the band had originally intended to open the album with it until Reprise stepped in. I think it would make a great opener. Slow fade in, and then an explosion of melody. Just my opinion and hunch....probably wrong.
  3. Phish. I used to love them...I just don't put them in the player anymore. Not a knock on the band. They just didn't age well with me.
  4. Nothing at all. I was trying to think of some bands that had big Radio hits circa 94-96. There has been a lot of talk in the press of Wilco and Reprise searching for that elusive "hit" song. It wasn't a dis, I was just mentioning some names of bands that had hits at that time. Like the grunge scene in late "90 and into ninety one with Nirvana, there were many bands "encouraged" to make a certain sound to have a hit and make money. It is a indictment of the industry. Not any band or musician who just wants to be successful.
  5. I understand not hearing it that way. I also agree that A.M. would never have happened under Farrar's watch. It is too pop.... too much REM (post 92) with a country feel. I don't feel fun though, except on the two tunes I listed. I hear pressure. That is okay, I hear a band trying harder than on any other album, but they are trying for a 90's top twenty hit. I hear a band sounding like what they are told they are supposed to be. I hear a band looking for a "One Head Light", visa The Wildflowers, The Counting Crows, or Sheryl Crow...... That is my point. The journey and not the destina
  6. "The Ruling Class"-Loose Fur Not many songs have Jesus smoking crack and shooting smack. The religious right has pretty thin skin, and I don't remember any huge uproar other than a fan walking out of a show in NC. The "bible belt" at that.....
  7. For me, AM is the a transition album. The band changing from Uncle Tupelo and becoming Wilco. The process wasn't complete until Being There. The only "Uncle Wilco" album. I like it, but I look at it "for the most part", as a Wilco plays the songs of Uncle Tupelo. Exceptions being Dash 7 and Too Far Apart. Just my opinion.....
  8. i gotta go with Dylan's Time Out of Mind. I considered Neil Young's Harvest Moon and Graceland (Paul Simon), but as stated above, Dylan went through a rough patch and I all but gave up hope. Then..... Wow. It blew me away.
  9. Losing Leroy was not a good thing. He had a versatility that is unlike Pat. I like Pat, and the band sounds great. I just enjoyed that Leroy had a swing (and space) in his playing that I really liked. I also found him to be incredibly unselfish as a musician. Also, without Cline, it put the focus on Jeff's guitar (as mentioned above). I saw them after they added Mike ( Asheville 2003), and I enjoyed it immensely. My favorite show of all the times I have seen them play going back to 95. . I agree 100%. There was more risk, and a freedom that I don't hear in the live shows as much any
  10. 1. Miles Davis- A Tribute to Jack Johnson (1971) Everyone always points to Bitches Brew as his best fusion jazz, but I find this record to be one of his best. Far better than Bitches Brew... 2. J.J. Cale- Troubadour (1976) This album is amazing, and I don't think is gets the appreciation it deserves. 3. Built To Spill - Perfect from Now On (1997) The media seems to always focus on Keep It Like a Secret as the bands best record, but I disagree. I think this is one of the best, and most overlooked albums of the nineties.
  11. Well played sir. I bust a gut laughing at myself when I read your responce. I take it all back, and I tip my hat. bleedorange, you rock! I still like Cars Can't Escape...but I have a new found resepect for your wit.
  12. I guess you missed my point. I was being sarcastic. I thought your opinion was inferior. Or as you put it, "of lower degree or rank". Sometimes one sould let a rhetorical question be. Opinion is opinion until one becomes a jackass. (See I did it again. I took a soft stand on opinion, and you kicked it up a notch. . But since your going to be a smartass, I'll play along. ). All those pretty faces are for you.
  13. Cars Can't Escape is one of my favorite tunes. I would like a definition of inferior.....I'll take the YHF outtakes over WTA as a hole. Pun intended...... One Wing is a good tune though. That is about all I go back to from that album these days. Sorry....just my opinion.
  14. spongebob


    The cartoon says "painting". The sign you are refering to is the name of the coffe house. Coffe looks like muddy water...I can make that leap. I'll stick with previous interpretations and continue to get an unfunny cartoon. Maybe because I like the Tao, peace, love, understanding, and Wilco. It's all opinion anyhow....
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