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  1. Amen to that... Look no further than his solo at the end of Ashes of American Flags during his first Austin City Limits performance with the band...
  2. Congrats boys! I'm celebrating with a good bourbon and my DVR'd ACL performance!
  3. Hey folks. Looking for VC'ers in the Ann Arbor area to fill me in on what's good. I'm packing up the fam after 5 years in NC and we're headed up to Ann Arbor for a new opportunity, new start, etc. I've been dowtown a few times, loved it of course, hence the move. We've found a home in SE Ann Arbor, but I could use a primer on the town, where to go for a good beer, good grub, good show, etc. from any natives who may read this. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've been thinking about them for a while, and personally, the commercials don't bother me at all. Here's my rationale... At least its not in the same spirit of what Of Montreal did for Outback Steakhouse...
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    My absolute all time favorite song
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    more Tulsa pics

    I'm glad Butterbean's found work.
  7. I have to say, this thread is unnerving. For cripe's sake people, you're complaining about something given to you by a band who has streamed their last two albums for free, streamed the entire DVD for free, has a roadcase on their website...for free, and lets us tape and trade their shows...FOR FREE! I'd be willing to bet, given all the other cool stuff they do for us, that the folks at HQ aren't exactly thrilled that folks are now or were at any point having difficulties. Chill out, be patient and have some faith in this band who takes care of their fans.
  8. He played it at the 8-16-06 show in Raleigh. That show is up on e-tree for download. Not an Mp3 (better actually) and an all around great show. You should check it out.
  9. That was great... Looking forward to picking up the DVD. I know its been said many times already, but THANKS for letting us see this tonight!!
  10. "I guess all this history's just a mystery to me, One more worried whisper, Right in my ear."
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