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  1. just opened up the stream....heavy metal drummer love it
  2. i was about to say the same thing, he refused to play I Must Be High last year and made someone in the crowd switch their request because he said it was a school function so he wouldnt sing a song about getting high. Lucky you got to hear it. I wish i could've heard that and Family Garden.
  3. I actually predicted that the Giants would make it to the Super Bowl and face the Patriots. I'm a big Eli Manning fan and always have been since college, even though he's been questioned from day 1 and never given a fair chance by the media/some fans to develop. That being said I have to say the Patriots will definitely be too much to handle. Hopefully Eli plays a decent game but the Patriots cannot be stopped this season and Brady will not be denied.
  4. the big city tap is essentially on the corner kitty-corner to the vic, and there's trader todd's just a bit north of belmont on sheffield. i dispise trader todd's, i think, and but the big city tap is okay. there's also a place just south of the vic, i think on the corner of sheffield and briar that's alright. Are you talking about the corner of Sheffield and Barry? If so the place you are talking about is Matilda's and i've heard good things about it but ive never been. Theres also a new place a little further south down Sheffield called The Bottle or something like that, its where Cherry
  5. Don't get mad, get money...........someone wrote it with a sharpie one time on the EL in chicago and it made me laugh. seriously though, i never got a senior quote because the lady in charge of the year book wouldnt let me use my quote because it was from the movie Blow about drugs. Even though my quote was about life and had nothing to do with drugs at all. BUT if i had to do it all over again i would have probably chosen: You don't need a weather man To know which way the wind blows. -Bob Dylan or All I can do is be me, whoever that is. -Bob Dylan
  6. How does that make him authentic?? Thats nothing more than your opinion/description of who you see him as. I was referring to whether you can trust a candidate to do whatever is in their abilities to make the changes they appear to want to create. If someone is authentic they are trustworthy and reliable...and Bush has proven not the be the former. How does being an "arrogant oil man" make him authentic to the American people??
  7. Yeah, maybe they are better at appearing so. But if its good enough to appear authentic to the American people, it will surely benefit our country especially in matters of foreign relations and policy to have a president who appears authentic whether they are or not. Whether we like it or not appearance and that gut feeling you have about a candidate is what we have to judge from. I see a confident and charismatic leader in Obama who speaks from his mind and his heart, same with Edwards he "appears" to fight for issues that are truly important to him. Hillary looks like shes reading from a tel
  8. You know Hillary is desperate for support when she plays the gender card by proclaiming that all women voters should "rally around her" what a complete joke. Even if Hillary somehow wins the nomination she will never become president, NEVER. Mark that one down because she doesnt stand a chance. Obama/Edwards in whichever order is the best chance the Dems have of winning IMO. But i dont care how much money Hillary has she is such a puppet its unbelieveable. Anyone with half a brain can see right through her, shes a fraud and a liar. She doesnt truly believe half of the things she says its all j
  9. yes, thanks a bunch for the lyrics...
  10. YAY!!!! Thanks a bunch....hopefully its worth the wait
  11. In Rainbows is fantastic...ive listened to it probably 5-6 times by now, i wouldnt really consider myself a radiohead fanatic either who thinks anything they put out will be the greatest cd ever. But i think its one of the best albums ive heard in awhile (besides SBS of course). The best tracks would have to be: Bodysnatchers, Reckoner, House of Cards, and my personal favorite Jigsaw Falling Into Place. If you seriously dont like this album listen to it three more times and tell me what you think
  12. anyone know where i can find the lyrics to One True Vine??? i cant seem to find them anywhere
  13. just got my tickets!! im looking forward to hearing You Are My Face with the entire band.
  14. I was on my way home from work today and flipping through the radio stations as usual when Shake it Off came on 93.1 XRT radio chicago. I was wondering what song would be hitting the waves after What Light, and i have to admit i was a little down on Shake it Off when i found out it was going to be on SBS. I even called it my "least favorite" song on the album, but it has since grown on me alot. It was a great song to hear on the radio, although I would rather have You Are My Face be the next song on the radio, it was still nice to hear some expected Wilco on the airwaves.
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