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  1. What do you mean: "EQ if running DI."
  2. So I broke my low E string during a gig last weekend during rockin' in the free world, let's just say it ruined the song, as I had a backup guitar, but forgot to bring it up on stage. But anyway, I'm overdue for compeltely restringing my guitar. But, I'm recording with my band next week, so I'm hesistant to change all of them. I've heard that some people (Jeff Tweedy?) hate the sound of new strings and only change them when they have to. Would new strings really sound bad for recording? New strings are also more difficult to play, adding to my hesistation. Should I just replace the low
  3. Has anyone tried one of these out yet or read a review? I need to get a cabinet to supplement my Ampeg Gemini so that my guitar can really punch through. This enclosure ($300) is within my price range, but I haven't been able to find any reviews. My Ampeg doesn't have an output on it, would I be able to mike it and send that to a cabinet?
  4. Ok, thanks, I'll go with passive. But I was wondering, is the Ernie Ball VP junior significantly smaller than the normal version? Is the bigger one worth an extra $15?
  5. So I want to buy an Ernie Ball Volume Pedal Junior to use with my electric, but I don't know what would work better, the passive or active volume pedal. I'm leaning towards the active, as it's cheaper, but I don't know the difference between active and passive.
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