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  1. Dash 7 - it's old school Wilco for new school Wilco fans.
  2. http://enterthesoulasylum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=1525 Kinda bummed me out. Soul Asylum were the gateway drug that led me to the Jayhawks, Uncle Tupelo etc etc. Wish they would just retire the name at this point.
  3. None. Feel good about the whole thing. The show was special enough.
  4. The moment came and I opted out. Kind of decided I wasn't going to get anything out of meeting them. A few of my buddies did and though and seemed to have a good time. I think my socially awkward tendencies would have kicked in too much. We did see John casually walking around the venue (Avila Beach show), kind of just wandering in with the crowd. Very tempted to say hi at that point, as it seemed more natural than the meet and greet, but decided he was probably enjoying being unnoticed walking around at his own show. Show was splendid btw.
  5. Drag the River and Two Cow Garage? Doesn't get much better than that.
  6. In the process of ordering tickets right now and it looks like they only offer GA tickets for the show (9/27). Does that mean the entire show is GA? Or will premium seating be available when general sales start on Friday?
  7. I think that it is actually "The Section" an LA based group that has played on a bunch of peoples records. They play used to play Largo often so i'd imagine Glen knew them if no one else did. Good group.
  8. Got a ticket for the show but am having a hard time figuring out how to get a ticket to the movie without paying for a festival package. Any suggestions?
  9. Liam was on the list and since they haven't hit the West Coast I guess he can stay there. How about Two Cow Garage or Drag the River? Or maybe Jon Brion. Yeah Jon Brion. Also I can easily see Wilco headline with DBT opening. Or a split bill like DBT did with Son Volt a few years ago
  10. review? Also whats the new skinny at Largo. How does the pre/post thing work in the little room?
  11. Could be wrong but I think it's a Vocoder not an AutoTune. I'm liking the track more and more, if they had released it we never would have heard the end of "American Radiohead" comparisons though.
  12. Can't seem find it on iTunes anymore...was it only pre-order? The "exclusive" thing is starting to get on my nerves.
  13. Shit. I have been trying to articulate that feeling for years now with no success. Thank you. My only problem is that I love hearing the music.
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