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  1. Glenn did not do the mini drum solo. Everything was quieter. I saw them do both shows at Stubbs last year, and this was a completely different feel than then. It was the best Reservations and Impossible Germany I've seen. Ever. At one point, Jeff stated this was the first show of the Schmilco tour.
  2. Any rumors about a possible show in Austin in between the two weekend dates?
  3. "Goodfriend" was part of the reissue of the original album. There are some demos included.
  4. I've seen both. There are home demo versions with Sweet playing everything (including some not-so-great drumming), and others with the Quine and Lloyd. I am just judging from what is included on the "Goodfriend" disc.
  5. I have rediscovered the brilliance of Sweet's "Girlfriend" album, and even picked up a used copy a used copy of the Legacy version that includes the "Goodfriend" album. I seem to remember years ago that there were multiple versions of demos circulating. Does anyone have these and be willing to trade / share / post? Thanks, John
  6. Thanks for sharing the link. Reminds why I miss Jay...
  7. Not sure where this stands, but I'd be up for it. I've been putting together themed mix cds with my Facebook friends.
  8. Couldn't agree more. Regardless of how feel about the split, Jay was a big part of the growth of Wilco from AM to YHF. He will be missed. Rest in peace indeed.
  9. I was in the same boat as you...my pre-ordered copy finally arrived yesterday. Not to rub it in but it was worth the wait!
  10. I am curious if anyone has any thoughts on the Parker P-36. Awhile ago I purchased a Peavey Generation EXP on the cheap but never got into it but I am interested in finding a nice guitar with ACM.
  11. The first night also had the Nels vs. Pat guitar duel during Hoodoo Voodoo and John played Its Just That Simple. Nice.
  12. I was at both Austin nights. Although there was a serious ebb and flow on night #1, I loved the setlist order of Poor Places -> Reservations -> Spiders .
  13. Fantastic...been waiting for this! THANKS FOR SHARING!
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