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  1. just an update on this topic: the whole world "logo" thing really isn't a logo. we'll decide on a logo later. for now, i just want to have a poster behind us when we play gigs so people know the name. my friend here at SU is an art major and drew me a really cool picture of the earth playing a trippy keyboard....it's not our logo but a cool picture. yes it's a literal interpretation, but since we're in our early stages it'll help people remember the name. so it has been two months now with this name and people really dig it. i can't say that it's the most memorable for people, but everyone
  2. so i've started band in this, my junior year of college. As of now there's me on guitar and vocals, bass, drums, trumpet, and sax. We're really good as of now, and we've started playing a lot of funky/rock tunes. I've always loved the "World Record Players" line from Monday, and I think it's not only a great tribute to one of my favorite bands, but it's a sweet name! You can do a lot with it. I was thinking of having our logo be a picture of earth with sunglasses and a chain on it. Maybe he'll be spinning a record too...or maybe half of him will be the earth, the other half a record. What
  3. why is conor a troubled boy? i'm not tryin to be a downer, but Jeff seemed kinda fucked up on Saturday. I mean...he was probably just being Jeff, but he stumbled around quite a bit. and how about when he went up to the mic and was like "sooo..uh....yeahhh..." typical jeff, but idk.....seemed a little loopy
  4. damn...what a great show that was. i'm still thinkin about it. i think it was even better than mccartney on friday
  5. haha that was no skunk, and i live in the suburbs. that smell was going on the WHOOLLLEE show
  6. check the "after the show" forum. great show! jeff was hilarious
  7. i've seen vids posted here before. i think it should be okay. i was having a blast from the pit!! sound was perfect!! only thing that sucked was someone kept BEEFING these WICKED FARTS the entire show!!! and i'm definitely not the only one who smelled them. a bunch of people around me were reacting, and i even talked to a few people who also said "i've been smelling them the whole show!" pretty hilarious to look back on but sucked when the show was happening. i went to this show alone b/c my buddies were too cheap to shell out 30 or 40 for a ticket...man did i have fun!! people around m
  8. I'll always be a SBS defender. First time I listened to that album i was wowed. lots of great songwriting...right off the bat!! either way? come on guys, there is nothing on the new album that compares to either way. SBS the song is a nice, chill, country-ish song that sounds like older wilco. then you've got the rockers.....germany, hate it here, side with seeds...and of course you are my face, which is a blend of a nice song with a thrashing rock song. awesome vocals and lyrics by tweedy all over. then i pick up this W(TA), and on the first listen i'm like "wtf? really? THIS is the success
  9. I got tickets to see Wilco in Wappingers Falls through the presale. With all the charges, it came out to $43. I went online this morning to get a ticket for Keyspan since I missed the presale, and with all the TM fees it came out to $60. I decided to save money for the summer and opted to only go to the Wappingers Falls one. It's only an hour drive on the nice highway on a Saturday night. I didn't think it'd be worth it to spend the extra cash and hustle to Brooklyn after working all day on a Monday. But still, are any other money-savers out there amazed by how much of a difference it is w
  10. so i'm obsessed with wilco and i've only seen them once in NYC. i go to college at Syracuse University now, and i think i'm somehow going to make it to the Tower Theater to see Wilco. all i need is one ticket. please help me out! gwexler3@gmail.com. i dont care where it is, just help make this weekend one of the best!! -Gene
  11. can somebody do a sendspace for those of us who cannot use bit torrent?
  12. i second this motion! more nyc dates!
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