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  1. Check out my review of The Whole Love over at www.biffbampop.com. It's a special feature in my RDIO Cure column. Would love everyone's thoughts on the article. http://biffbampop.com/2011/09/28/perry-schwartzs-rdio-cure-%E2%80%93-special-feature-on-wilco%E2%80%99s-the-whole-love/
  2. Very good show (my 14th since 1996). A little short and a little sloppy (only show#2 so that's ok). Crowd sucked. Front middle section sat until Impossible Germany. Someone in the front said something to Jeff to which he replied, " you're sitting down...you bring it!". Also the four dorks behind me were batting 0.00 in predicting the next song and knew the first 4 words of every 2nd song. One guy was loudly giving his buddy an oral history of music until I shot him a look. Highlights: AOA, BBN, IG, REAB, IGY. Nick Lowe is a cool cat! Show 15 tonight.
  3. Hey folks, If your looking forward to Wilco's upcoming Canadian tour (like me) and you still don't have your tickets (like me) then check out this contest at hmv.ca...enjoy . http://www.hmv.ca/microsites/wilco/eng-wilco-home.html
  4. Sit down & be quiet! (Couldn't resist) How do we end this conversation and get back to discussing the awesomeness that was last night's show. Feist, Casino Queen, Cali Stars, Hate it Here, Radio Cure, about 40 ‘Nothings’ during Misunderstood! Even Glenn joining Liam on Cinnamon Girl. Dude you should have seen it! Brilliant.
  5. Went both nights...both shows were stellar. Totally worth paying for two shows as the guys played 13 different songs...for anyone that questions their set-list thought process I think the discussion ends with the two T.O. shows. The interpretive/dirty dancing couple in the front row certainly caused quite a distraction for those of us down front and they didn't go unnoticed by the band either. Early on I caught Jeff and John giving each other the “check them out” look and later Jeff commented that should she require police assistance to deal with the dude’s offensive dancing she just ne
  6. Nicely Done. Based on your work, my picks for tonights 2nd Toronto gig and a gut feeling, here is my randomly generated set list for tonight's show: 1. Wilco (the song) 2. Misunderstood 3. A Shot in the Arm 4. IATTBYH 5. Bull Black Nova 6. One Wing 7. At Least That's What You Said 8. Impossible Germany 9. Country Disappeared 10. You & I (w/Feist) 11. Sonny Feeling 12. Jesus, etc 13. Radio Cure 14. Company In My Back 15. I’m Always In Love 16. Hummingbird Encore 17. Hate It Here 18. You Never Know (w/Liam Finn) 19. California Stars (w/Liam Finn) 20. The Late Greats 21. I’m A W
  7. Outta Mind (Outtasite)-- I call it the Sesame Street Version.
  8. Here's a link to CANOE/Toronto Sun reivew of the show. http://jam.canoe.ca/Music/Artists/W/Wilco/ConcertReviews/2009/10/15/11405986-sun.html
  9. Great night!! The band sounded great. The venue (as always) was great and we had great seats (7th row centre) which will only get better tonight with 1st row centre! Can't wait. My only complaint would be what's with the people in the first 5 rows, right in the centre, sitting for the entire main set? What gives? Sit in the friggin balcony and let the real fans sit up front. I couldn't tell if they guys noticed this pocket of about 50 people sitting on their asses all night but if I looked out that would have really pissed me off. After Shot In the Arm, my buddy looked at me and said,
  10. That's weird...try again. I got a nice pair in row G.
  11. There is...and it's lengthy. This is short and sweet!
  12. [gogo edit] [/gogo edit] Looks like more fall tour dates at http://www.wilcoweb.com/shows Toronto - October 14!!!
  13. Hey, did anyone else notice Jeff do a little miny moonwalk at the beginning of Walken? Not sure if he's been doing that at other shows but I'm pretty sure I saw him attempt it in Lewiston.
  14. I agree with everything you've said here except the point about cameras. Enjoy the show, stand up, dance, smoke em if you got em, whatever. My issue is with people sitting 100 yards away from the stage and taking out a crappy cell phone to take self-portraits of themselves with the stage behind them. It is distracting. Especially when the group proceeds to huddle together after snapping away to review their accomplishments. Save it for the ride home. And don't tell me Jeff posed for the photo...that's BS. I have read quotes from him in the past about how he finds camera phones at sho
  15. My plan all along was to go Rainbow but it was just so easy getting out of there and it seemed like there was no traffic at all heading to Lewiston...bad call on my part.
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