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  1. Are people boozing it up somewhere beforehand?
  2. New solo album Sirens Of The Ditch came out FINALLY!!! I love it... Chicago Promenade Dress Blues Razor Town Hurricanes and Hand Grenades those are my favorites after the first few listens. What do you guys think?
  3. Good Christ!!! Poor Pirates!!!
  4. I was going to say...he who hath no sin cast the first stone...or something... Sharpton (The Reverend if you will...) has had a pretty suspect past, is he seriously going to start pointing fingers...and I hate Imus...I just think he screwed up, its over, move on!
  5. "You've Had More Kids Pulled Out Of That Thing Than A Burning Orphanage" by The Locust
  6. got it i was missing an extra space thanks anyway
  7. Is it possible to post my last.fm thing in my signature? is there something special I have to do besides just cut and paste the code? Cuz I am having some trouble. Thanks for any help From the technologically impaired
  8. My favorite Beasties sample off all time is the dick in the mashed potatos but this is a close second "Hubo una vez un gran rey que ten
  9. Nobody... I changed my avatar to Joe Firstman and Snoop Dog rollin a fatty backstage at the Carson Daly show Evil Evil Monkey!!!!
  10. the mets were indeed the supperior team last night if that is a sign of things to come for the cards...they are in some serious trouble...anytime you have Looper in your starting rotation...you are in for it. And if Carpenter loses his edge...its over
  11. SAM-MY!!!! SAM-MY!!!! SAM-MY!!!!! SAH ME SOSA...I lah heem!!!
  12. ZING!!! Oh snap...it is SO on!
  13. Yet my friend....YET....just wait till tomorrow...
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