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  1. The printed list had Misunderstood instead of Outtasite. That was the most alive I have seen them in several tours--really great show. And that run from Via Chicago -> Theologians was just amazing.
  2. Yeah, it looks like you can just preorder it (with free domestic shipping). Also, "Bonus Track: Drawing From Memory (Charlie)"
  3. Warm/Warmer: "Jeff Tweedy’s new deluxe 2CD and 2LP package will be available exclusively at Solid Sound." https://jefftweedystore.com/
  4. elicash


    They should package the two LPs together as "Open Kimono" and then throw in a 7" of live versions of "It Must Be Love" / "Plateau" from this past tour. Add expanded Saunders notes. Done. And purchased.
  5. Thanks, as always, bböp. I just wanted to add that even though I've heard him/them do ITMWLY perhaps even too many times over the years, I was spellbound by the version last night. He's reached into that song this go around and it was really something to hear (same with IG--and One Sunday Morning, as you mentioned). It was quite the performance.
  6. Thanks, bböp, for your write-up, I always look forward to reading your comments and commentary. With this particular show, however, I have to disagree, or at least my perspective was different. I thought this was one of the stronger performances I have seen the band do in several years. They seemed genuinely vibing off of one another and they, to me, sounded phenomenally great. This was hands down the best sound for a hall I've heard in a long time: it was boomy but still clear and nicely loud. As for the seated/standing thing, I thought it was less of an issue than shows I have seen in the pa
  7. It's interesting that "Radio Cure" was #1 on the original list. I always thought of that song as occupying the "Within You, Without You" spot on the record--the song that most clearly reflected the emotional/conceptual point of the entire record lyrically, but a song I rarely played. But two points: 1) as I've gotten older I've come to adore "Within You..." to the point that is one of my favorite Beatles tracks and 2) "Radio Cure" live is great (even if every other performance fails to reach the heights of this past Solid Sound). So, I get "Radio Cure" now more than ever, but I'm still surpris
  8. Damn, that just ruined my night. That's one of the most inspired encores I've heard them contemplate. Still, it goes back to my original point that they seem to be focusing on the YHF era this mini-tour. If they had played that series, all they would be neglecting would be Radio Cure. Ditto. I was thinking that, too, when I was looking at the set lists.
  9. Thanks. I couldn't tell at all from where I was standing. I noticed they had that guitar and his acoustic tuned up on the side implying perhaps a second encore with Misunderstood>Spiders.
  10. A great show. The band sounded like they were in a good mood and the playing was tight. As others have mentioned, I thought the setlists looked too similar, but it didn't show in the playing and it was a fun show. Interestingly, YHF is in full effect this mini-tour with 8/11 of those songs played generally and 7/11 during this show. Lots of YHF/Ghost-era songs. BTW, does anyone know what guitar Tweedy was playing on ALTWYS? I haven't seen him play it before.
  11. fwiw, Denton DID eventually go up--but right at 10. I got tix, but apparently the presale sold out in seconds. The Wilco facebook post states that 1300 more Denton tickets will go on sale Friday.
  12. Any guess as to why Denton is no longer listed at Front Gate? It was there several hours ago...
  13. Those Redwood reviews online are off the charts. I was able to Priceline the Howard Johnson's for a decent price but that was a couple of days ago.
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