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  1. mattymc

    A.M. Deluxe?

    Color vinyl for both just arrived. Neither had a download code. Hoping we'll get a link tomorrow for the digital files.
  2. Ghost Town Studio now has them up for sale on their site: www.ghosttownstudio.com
  3. The downloads will be available on the release date, November 17th according to WMG Store Support.
  4. Got 2 tix AND my YHF vinyl was delivered. Good start to the weekend.
  5. 1) Camden, N.J.- July 21st 2) Brooklyn, N.Y.- July 23rd 3) Brooklyn, N.Y.- July 24th 4) NYC - July 25th 5) Cooperstown, N.Y.- July 28th Luckily my supervisor understands this is "Wilco Week" and I won't be going out of town for work.
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