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  1. Oh, man, my bad. I just looked again. Album is black, other discs are colored. Apologies!
  2. Actually, just got mine and the album and live show are colored, the extra tracks are black. Looking at Discogs comments it looks like lots of people got random black vinyl in the colored set.
  3. I've really been enjoying this record today. And, just bought tickets for their brief US tour in January. Great Friday afternoon music!!! JANUARY 20 - TORONTO, ON - Lee’s Palace 22 - NEW YORK, NY - The Studio @ Webster Hall 24 - SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Brick & Mortar 28 - LOS ANGELES, CA - Troubadour
  4. Yes, because the magnet thing from last season was so plausible...
  5. Yes it did. And, if it doesn't win again for this season, that's the real travesty.
  6. Really? I have a like/hate relationship with this show. Liked Season 2 very much, until the ending ruined it for me. Sometimes I can't stop watching, sometimes I want to throw things at my TV. Really disappointed that Jeff Daniels won the Emmy last night (over Spacey/Hamm/Cranston.) I just don't buy him on that show as anything but the selfish, self absorbed person he is, when he veers into a romantic character I find it cringe-worthy. But, YMMV of course.
  7. Damn, sorry you guys missed out....the whole thing was executed horribly.
  8. Back here in SoCal there are STILL tickets available for the first night at Largo. Man, this onsale was quite the clusterf*&k.
  9. Final night at Largo (Thursday) is available now! Just bought them. So, now I have 4 total (Wednesday/Thursday). We'll see what happens.
  10. Hmmm, thought it was a 2 ticket limit total. Anyway, I can get 2 for Sunday right now, but I'm not going to, just in case.....now that the price has gone up ;-)
  11. Did you try for 1 or 2? I think it's a 2 ticket limit throughout the stand. I'm really happy some VC'ers are getting tickets. Especially happy that I'm one of them!
  12. Holy crap, thanks for posting that!!!! Looks like 12/15 is available too. GO get them!
  13. Yep, entered my CC info about 5 times for 5 different pairs. Got nothing. Oh well.
  14. Largo in LA is a fantastic venue, but it will sell out immediately. If you're on the fence, decide soon! As much as I love The Fillmore (and I LOVE The Fillmore), Largo is the perfect place for a Jeff solo show.
  15. Can't really add anything to what you guys said. Fantastic night of music all around. Besides all of the highlights mentioned above, MMJ's version of "Tonight I'll be Staying Here With You" was perfection. Just like the Rolling Thunder-era Dylan. Note for note. Been looking for that on YouTube. Oh, and it was obvious that Jackson Browne hadn't really listened to "California Stars" before giving the second verse a try. He definitely had no idea how to sing the song. I was right in front of him in the pit and it was a little ugly. Still fun, though. I'm so thankful we got "The Weight" during Bob's set. Still mystified that it didn't happen last night at Shoreline for the final night of the tour. Oh well, leave it to Bob to do the unexpected. It really was a highlight in my 30+ years of concert going. To see the leaders of two of my favorite bands sing one of my all time favorite songs with Bob Dylan was amazing. Even if the rest of Bob's set was a little cringe-worthy in parts. As you can see from my avatar, I kinda like The Band. As I think I said over on the MMJ board, this tour really was a treasure for the fans.
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