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  1. What a sweet story! Not surprised Jeff would want to make sure that little guy didn't feel "Misunderstood."
  2. yeah and honestly i'd be very happy for you all...nothing wrong with spreading the love a little... If it's any consolation, hazel, I don't think the 'being lucky' part was lost on a single soul that night. I hope you get it too someday! I mean that most sincerely! You guys are making me majorly LOL regarding the sox...
  3. Oh Matt, wow! That's a great song to use as a bedtime-type prayer. Wonderful. Thank you for recapping...that's exactly how I remembered it. And thanks for telling us about your full connection to that song and working in the Twin Towers, etc. I'd like to post the lyrics to that tune for you, Matt, for you and the fam: Everything alive must die Every building built to the sky will fall Don�t try to tell me my Everlasting love is a lie Everlasting everything Oh nothing could mean anything at all Every wave that hits the shore Every book that I adore Gone like a circus, gone like a tr
  4. And we were like, "NooOOOOooooo...." Don't think anybody in our group came from there...HA!
  5. One thing that was very sweeet was Jeff shared a comment his son made about 9/11 -- his Mom came to get him at school that day -- it came up in the context of "Everlasting Everything" and sort of the spiritual nature of those lyrics...Does anyone remember exactly what his son said? If nobody does I can try winging it from my memory, but I have a feeling one of you can recall it verbatim Also, Jeff said something about not giving a sh*t about his music being called "Dad Rock" or whatever -- he wouldn't trade the experience of his wife & kids in his life for anything!
  6. My brother who bought a ticket and flew in from Philadelphia area accompanied Jeff on "New Madrid" on mandolin. And he also played guitar w/Jeff on "Wish You Were Here." Another female guest played guitar & harmonica and sang with Jeff to "California Stars." I'll let others chime in on the other 2 who played (besides Dude). It was a nice balance of some crowd participation but not too much. There was definitely some singing along and, yes, whistling!
  7. Hey, Maureen here. Would just like to say BIG THANKS again to all who came and supported this worthy charity. It's wonderful and generous of The Tweedys to give of their time this way. And a special thanks to Wendy, whose work begins even before the auction and goes continuously up to Show time...THANK YOU! We loved hosting (ours was the fun job!). An amazing evening was had by all...It came and went so quickly -- kind of hard to believe it's over. The music was just fabulous, really, I can't think of anything I would have wanted to happen differently. Such a fantastic group of dedicat
  8. I absolutely loved the show! I've seen Wilco quite a bit over the years...But I have to say the show was getting a little "formulaic" for me at times...I was thrilled to see them busting out a lot more, trying some new things. Felt like it was way more jammy & experimental than ever before. Hope that doesn't sound like a negative criticism, it is surely not as I have loved all the shows I've been to. It just feels like the band is at a whole new level. I like it when songs are not played exactly the way they sound on the album...So for example "Hate it Here" was done very creatively a
  9. Hey you guys! I'm a lurker who was there. I just have to say this was my first Living Room Concert and I was so overwhelmed (in a good way) by how amazing it was. Jeff & Sue's and the hosts Ken and wife's generosity was not lost on any of us. The hosts worked their butts off and Jeff and Sue sacrificed an evening which could have been spent at home/with kids. And in my opinion Jeff played a LONG time! So BIG THANK YOU to them. I was so impressed by the musicianship. There were times when the band led Jeff, others when Jeff lead the band, and still others when the band was more a
  10. Let us not forget either - the fact that Jeff mentioned the show was the anniversary of his and Sue's "first night together." Then he made some joke about us wanting to know more...did he call us "filthy?" ha ha ha...Anyway, he also said his wife was his "Higher Power." Pretty sweet, huh? I loved the show too.
  11. Hey people! I am the friend of Wendy's with the spacious lower level set up. We have hosted these types of house concerts before and are very comfortable with the process. If we can get enough folks together - and if Jeff would do it - I would so love to have some Wilco friends bless our home. And as far as the music goes, wow, let's just say I hope it penetrates the walls and floors and ceiling and roof and...........limitless possibilites. Wendy has kindly offered to keep track of the number of people spilling out of the first group into our potential group - and will keep me posted - L
  12. That "Fort Wayne" Proposal Booklet is quite compelling. I hope it gets read by the "interim government" and passes on to the higher powers to be signed off on! Good luck, I hope to be there if it manifests. John: very interesting to read what creative forces were at work in the making of that poster, thank you so much for sharing that..I keep looking at the leaves...I'm just crazy about their delicate intricacy.
  13. What an absolute blast! Jeff did a great job juggling the "hardcore" fans, the Montessori school crowd and the miscellaneous. As did his wife. He made many funny jokes about the teachers being present in the audience stuff like "Oh, I'm so embarrassed now I'm never picking up or dropping off the kids again..." (You had to be there?) Just fun and complimentary towards his children's educators. There were a few requests which he just couldn't do -- for whatever reasons -- and he asked for a substitute. Yes, the parts about being interviewed in Europe were HYSTERICAL. Jeff did this imper
  14. thank you kindly, srmt.
  15. hey thank you so much for posting those brothers and sisters...much appreciated
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