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    6. The Harrow & the Harvest/Gillian Welch----on my list

    8. Our Blood/Richard Buckner-----he's way overdue

    9. Purple Mountains/Purple Mountains----best record of 2019

    12. Space Gun/Guided By Voices----insert >> How Do You Spell Heaven w/SG very close behind

    14. Spread the Feeling/Pernice Brothers----top ten of 2019

    16. Dogrel/Fontaines D.C.-----i guess i really need to check this out

    19. Fear Fun/Father John Misty----on my list



    If you like post punk music, you will dig the Fontaines D.C. record.

  2. 1. High Violet/The National
    2. New Multitudes/Jay Farrar, Anders Parker, Will Johnson & Jim James
    3. Teenage Hallelujah/The Dexateens
    4. Hard in Heaven/Natural Child
    5. Eraserland/Strand of Oaks
    6. The Harrow & the Harvest/Gillian Welch
    7. We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service/A Tribe Called Quest
    8. Our Blood/Richard Buckner
    9. Purple Mountains/Purple Mountains
    10. Brothers/The Black Keys
    11. Sparkle Hard/Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks
    12. Space Gun/Guided By Voices
    13. Mark Kozelek & Desertshore/Mark Kozelek & Desertshore
    14. Spread the Feeling/Pernice Brothers
    15. Night Surfer/Chuck Prophet
    16. Dogrel/Fontaines D.C.
    17. Attica!/Wussy
    18. Blackstar/David Bowie
    19. Fear Fun/Father John Misty
    20. Wooden Wand & the World War IV/Wooden Wand & the World War IV

  3. And three phenomenal albums that I was way late to the party to and heard for the first time in 2019:


    Songs: Ohia -- Magnolia Electric Company

    Sun Kil Moon -- Ghosts of the Great Highway

    The Dream Syndicate -- Days of Wine and Roses

    Three fantastic discoveries!

    1. Eraserland Strand of Oaks

    2. Purple Mountains Purple Mountains

    3. Spread the Feeling Pernice Brothers

    4. Dogrel Fontaines D.C.

    5. Sweating the Plague Guided By Voices

    6. Peace in Restland Plains

    7. Everybody Split Possible Humans

    8. Wire Mountain Will Johnson

    9. Whoosh The Stroppies

    10. Guv I & II Young Guv

  4. 10. Anything Could Happen/Bash & Pop
    9. Rips/Rips
    8. Relatives in Descent/Protomartyr
    7. Hatteras Night, A Good Luck Charm/Will Johnson
    6. Bobby Fuller Died for Your Sins/Chuck Prophet
    5. How Did I Find Myself Here/The Dream Syndicate
    4. Rot/Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys
    3. Hey Summer/Lost Balloons
    2. Need to Feel Your Love/Sheer Mag
    1. How Do You Spell Heaven/Guided by Voices

  5. These are great:


    Allvays - Antisocialites

    The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

    The Regrettes - Feel Your Feelings Fool

    Ty Segall - S/T

    Kevin Morby - City Music

    Japanese Breakfast - Soft Sounds From Another Planet

    Big Thief - Capacity

    Rips - S/T

    Drive By Truckers - American Band

    That Rips albums is very good.  I'm a big fan of American Band, too, but it came out last year.

  6. Technically that line came from Patti Smith.

    Patterson credits her.


    I have never believed a song could change the world. But perhaps a song can provide an outlet for emotion, a tonic for the troops. Maybe a song can be a platform to launch our dreams from, a source of a little light to warm up our darkest nights. One more reason to raise our fists into the air and quote Patti Smith: “Love each other, motherfuckers!”


  7. Yeah, like maybe a couple notches better than everything since they got back to it, right?


    I've only streamed it but it seemed like it had more memorable tunes than Class Clown, or Bears for Lunch etc.

    I never warmed up to Class Clown, but Bears for Lunch is a solid record.  I think I'm ready to say HDYSH is the best GBV record since Earthquake Glue.

    First time I saw them was Alien Lanes era & have been a loyal follower.

    Great time to get on board.

  8. Late to the GBV party, but I noticed that they're coming to my city (Lexington KY, woohoo!), and was listening to the new record today (How Do You Spell Heaven).  I like the record, but a little intimidated by their back catalog looking at this thread and the Spotify list.

    What do you all think of the new one?  How are they live?  Where to start in the massive archives??


    Overwhelming but very rewarding listening experience.  Most of the album recommendations above are spot on.  If you are looking to sample a range of his material, here's a link to a Spotify playlist I cobbled together last summer.


    Ultimate Pollard!

    1. A Salty Salute/Guided By Voices

    2. Tractor Rape Chain/Guided By Voices

    3. The Official Ironman Rally Song/Guided By Voices

    4. Chasing Heather Crazy/Guided By Voices

    5. Christian Animation Torch Carriers/Guided By Voices

    6. John the Dwarf Want to Become an Angel/Boston Spaceships

    7. Pop Zeus/Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard

    8. Silk Rotor/Robert Pollard

    9. Striped White Jets/Guided By Voices

    10. You Satisfy Me/Boston Spaceships

    11. Death of the Party/Keene Brothers

    12. Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft/Robert Pollard

    13. Tight Globes/Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard

    14. Storm Vibrations/Guided By Voices

    15. Huffman Prairie Flying Field/Guided By Voices

    16. Supernatural Car Lover/Robert Pollard

    17. Dorothy's a Planet/Boston Spaceships

    18. No Chain Breaking/Lifeguards

    19. Secret Star/Guided By Voices

    20. Stifled Man Casino/Airport 5

    21. The Right Thing/Robert Pollard

    22. Weedking/Guided By Voices

    23. Don't Stop Now/Guided By Voices

    24. Game of Pricks/Guided By Voices

    25. Feathering Clueless (The Exotic Freebird)/Airport 5

  9. Other than message boards, I had avoided any kind of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).  My job necessitated that I jump into the Twitter game.  I wasn't too enthusiastic about it, but several months in, it's not so bad.  In fact, there are several aspects of it I actually like.

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