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  1. dunno if i'll ever like it as much as Bitte Orca, but it is way better on second, third, fourth etc listens than it was on the first. About To Die is so good.
  2. One Wing seemed like it could be a setlist staple.
  3. i'd say jaywalking and downloading music are quite different. and it's easy to take and take when you're not on the side trying to pay their bills doing this as a living. and maybe that's the artist's fault for deciding this is what he/she wants to do for a living, but on some level we're just making it harder for them. ps- we are discussing legality, therefore the legal/illegal-ness of the whole thing is settled.
  4. put it this way: if someone gets an advance copy of the new wilco disc, uploads it to some torrent site or rapidshare or whatever, and people download that...that's stealing. this is a product that has been taken without it being paid for. tell me how that isn't stealing, please.
  5. It's not that you're taking "it" from them...it's that you're not paying them for something society has deemed you should pay for, and that they feel like they should be paid for. If you created something, and you felt you could get paid for it, you'd want to get paid for it (unless you don't...but as we've seen, they charge money to play shows, they charge money for shirts, they charge money for records...so they DO want to get paid for it). If someone took the thing you created and made unlimited copies of it and then everyone is just giving it away, you'd be pissed. That's your creation and
  6. i had questions about that as well. I think Wilco is a pretty good example of a band that does pretty well through touring. They have a loft with at least $100,000 worth of equipment in there and they've had that loft for a good while now...certainly before they were selling out Red Rocks. Look at Justin Vernon of Bon Iver...he built that badass home studio and owns a bunch of nice recording equipment and instruments, and he has taken a 10-12 piece band out on tour for almost a year now...you can't tell me touring doesn't make *some* kind of profit (and he built that studio before the Grammys
  7. I don't think the argument here is about live music that is allowed to be recorded or old music where the artist is dead, and his family/record company are already raking in millions on "greatest hits" albums that they re-release every 5 years. the main focal point of the argument (and there really is no argument about this): downloading active artists' music is stealing. it's simple. he made something current society views as a product, put it out there, and you obtained it without legally paying for it.
  8. I felt bad when I first read this, then I looked at my cd/record collection. It's definitely directed at the "new" generation of listener...but not all of us in that "new" generation steal music only. My tendency has been to d/l something, try it out, if I like it I find a way to buy it, if not I delete it or let it languish on a hard drive somewhere, never to be heard again. Great article though.
  9. I feel the same way. After the initial "new TMOE record!" excitement, it's kind of faded. The first three or four songs are really solid, but the middle lags pretty badly.
  10. new Tallest Man on Earth might take mine...I don't really do album of the year, but it's so damn good.
  11. It's a really catchy tune, but I thought most of the songs on the record were really cliche and the lyrics bog down on just about every tune. Also, just a bit too Queen sounding. I understand having influences, but it sounds like they listened to some Queen records and just regurgitated what they heard with their own lyrics.
  12. i'd be willing to bet Thurston Moore could do a decent to good job on "In Memory...". He WAS a dead head, and I'm sure was a fan of the Allmans at some point too.
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