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  1. Their performance on Conan was pretty underwhelming compared to their usual live fare, but that's how it goes with a lot bands on TV. They get too nervous about these things, sadly.
  2. Don't Lets Start Purple Toupee End of the Tour Dr. Worm Birdhouse in Your Soul It's way too hard to narrow down, but those are my most played.
  3. I have been helping these dudes out for a while and they are, seriously, the coolest dudes you can meet. All the new tracks that I have heard sound excellent, so far. As far as the Psychedelic Swamp stuff goes.. There were only a few copies of the album made and they were sold at the very first few Dr. Dog shows. It's extremely lo-fi and from what I understand, it was just mostly Scott playing. They are still working on it and will probably be the next release after "Fate". Can't wait for the Richmond show!
  4. are SNL promos posted anywhere online?
  5. I really don't mind that the show has been rescheduled. In many respects, I'm glad. However, I just wish they would have announced it sooner. I mean, the show is in less then 5 days and they finally changed it on their website. That's kind of weak on their part.
  6. The Wilco site has been updated a couple of times today and there still isn't any mention of this. Many of us who got our tickets through the pre-sale would really have no way of knowing.. Basically, it's weird that they still haven't mentioned it.
  7. nutop

    No Depression

    I think it was named after 'No Depression in Heaven' by the Carter Family.
  8. The Jicks, in general, are super tight, where as Pavement was pretty sloppy.
  9. It's because they all dressed up as Santa for the Gold Soundz video.
  10. YES! I'm hoping for an NC date.
  11. Silver Jews - American Water Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain The Kinks - Village Green My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves Fiery Furnaces - Widow City I agree with anything Hold Steady.. It's pretty much perfect for a long drive.
  12. I agree.. eMusic is the best. They don't offer Major Label music, however.
  13. I'm going to the show tomorrow night, as well. Expect to leave with a huge smile, that's all I can tell you.
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