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  1. I called it ! https://twitter.com/dunnright00/status/526522425065111552
  2. Great show! As for the sound, how was the mix for everyone else? I was 2nd row Directly in front of Jeff's amp, and if he was playing electric that was all that I heard. End up missing quite a bit of Nels solos because of it. Not completely mind you, but it wasn't balanced for me at least. Thanks for the set list too. I usually bring a pad and pen to shows, but I was planning on live tweeting the set list. Not that anyone follows me, just so I could go back later. But then I forgot to charge my phone yesterday afternoon, so it was almost dead before the show even started. (I know, first wo
  3. SOOOO excited to go to my first show this Sunday! Plus I got Kick-A** seats! 2nd row center... But unfortunately it's kind of bitter-sweet. I got two tickets for me and my wife, but she's going through some serious personal issues right now (when I say "she", of course that means "we") and does not want to be around ANY people, let alone large crowds. She just told me last night, and I've been kinda depressed about it all day. I got a buddy who's going to go with me, not a big Wilco fan per se, but he digs good music and he's looking forward to it. So anyhow... Yay!
  4. Heard about UT and the whole Alt-Country genre right when they were about to break up. I was in a Country Rock / Classic Rock band at the time (joined for the audition experience more than anything. Not my style of "country"), but I couldn't find much around here. I really liked "old" country, and felt like this would be more my speed, having been a Punk Rocker turned Dead/Phish Head. This was pre-mp3 (for me at least) so no downloading. Finally heard "Whiskey Bottle" and got a hold of a live bootleg. Dug It!! But that was pretty much it at the time. Then I hear they broke up but Wilco and
  5. This just came up on their Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/#!/wilco/status/130007276076531712
  6. Anyone know where the info for opening acts is? Can't seem to find it...
  7. Not sure if anyone else has tried this, but like I said, I kept going back even after it said sold out. Kept refreshing, and finally some tix popped up.
  8. Well, Hey! I just got two tix! I kept going back to the page and refreshing. Every now and then it would show two available, each time i selected them it woud say, not available, until finally...! So If you didn't get your tix, keep trying!
  9. To answer my own question, The rest go on sale on Fri, 10/28. Did someone actually believe my rumor about the game getting you in?
  10. Ok, so that was Pre-Sale. Anyone know when the rest go on sale? wilcoworld keeps locking up on me...
  11. Did you stay in the waiting room? Or refresh?
  12. Stupid snake game keeps refreshing... Here's the deal... You have to complete 3 levels of the Snake game to get out of the Waiting Room...
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