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  1. Hi good VC'ers, I'm trying to learn "Silver Wings" by Merle Haggard, as covered by The Knitters, really quickly . . . too quickly to do it right. Any and all help is most appreciated. If anyone is interested in going the extra mile and doing it in Power Tab, I'd pay for it. PM me. http://www.sendspace.com/file/azi75w The reason for needing to learn it quickly - the gal I love is going to be taken away on a big' ole jet air liner real soon, and I want to record this for her.
  2. Interesting. I really liked "Shake Hands With Shorty" so I went to see them live in Toronto 5 or 6 years ago. I thought they were one of the least inpirational live bands I've ever seen. No energy, interaction . . . a very rote, though technically adept, performance. Maybe I'll put this down to an off night and give them another chance if the consensus is that they're good live.
  3. It's here! I bought it through Ishibashi in Japan - equivalent of $823 Cdn. Duties and taxes would have been another $100 or so, but Ishibashi said on the import form that it was $25 worth of "printed material." Well, if customs thinks that a guitar shaped box is loaded up with printed material . . . then fine. On the online tracking form, it showed that it spent all of 10 minutes at customs. Ended up paying $11 C.O.D. I also got $120 worth of merchandise delivered today from the MusicToday Wilco store - had to pay $22 C.O.D. for that! Pics to follow. No sound clips - I respect you people too much to inflict that upon the forum.
  4. Your guitar's Japanese cousin is on the way . . . cleared customs in no time, apparently.
  5. 6'5", but 6'9" when I play in my Kiss tribute band. Sex - yes. No. Have a sealed 1st pressing of LZ's Presence (first pressing has embossed Swan Song logo on front cover). [Edited for troof]
  6. We love you Nels, Oh yes we do. We love you Nels, And we'll be true. When you're not near us, we're blue, Oh Nels, we love you.
  7. This is neat: http://www.webrocker.de/jaguar/cms/2007/05...ractive-jaguar/ Takes some messing around with to figure out how it works - you click on pickups to play sound sample. If the pickups aren't highlighted, that means they're not switched on. Pretty much applies to Jazzmaster as well except the Jazzmaster uses a toggle switch).
  8. Well, that was an incredible show from all the footage, audio, and reports. Set list was just so-so from my perspective - I'd especially like to have seen No Quarter replaced with perhaps Over the Hills and Far Away and Out on the Tiles. Bonham had a role in that one - "Out on the Tiles" is a song by English rock band Led Zeppelin, from the 1970 album Led Zeppelin III. It was born out of a little ditty that Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham used to sing when the band was going out to play. It goes "I've had a pint of bitter and now I'm feeling better and I'm out on the tiles. We're going down the rubbers and we're going to pull some scrubbers because we're out on the tiles." Guitarist Jimmy Page turned the tune into a riff that the song was based around, though Bonham's lyrics were replaced with something a little more tame for general audiences." [Wikipedia] Plus, it was rarely played live. Many fans do know that live its riff is used as an intro to Black Dog, which would make it even cooler live - people would hear the riff, get pumped for Black Dog, and then get the full on pleasure of Out On The Tiles. Pitch might be too high for RP though. I'm really torn about them touring. I loved their resolve to not cash in like almost every other artist of their generation has. And, I want them out there only if they sound great. Which . . . they do. What I'd love to see is 1) limited tour (30 or so shows, and not just in North America); 2) venues chosen for a happy medium of size and acoustics (e.g. if there's a 60K seat dome in, I don't know, Tulsa or somewhere that has better acoustics than a dome the same size in Dallas, then do the show in Tulsa. It'll sell out); 3) ticket prices that are not CSNY or Eagles level (e.g. frickin' ridiculous); 4) some type of system to keep the majority of tickets in fans' hands (not resellers), including the opportunity for the most rabid fans to actually . . . you know, line up? Stand outside for a day or two with like fans so the best seats (or a good portion of the best seats) go to them; 5) an ever-changing set-list. Set the expectation up-front that not every concert has "Stairway." In its place, maybe a Ten Years Gone. (Every show does get In My Time of Dying, though!) OK, lofty hopes, sure. But when they set the bar so high . . .
  9. They're working fine for me - just checked.
  10. They know they can't compete with Choo-choo Charlie.
  11. In an interview in this month's Guitar Player, Jimmy says it is For Your Life.
  12. Don't stab him - just lop off his ears. He's not using them anyway.
  13. X &/or Knitters Husker Du (would have to reunite . . . and then hell would have frozen over) Psychedelic Furs - first concert I ever saw (1984), seen them every time they've been out since (most recently 2005). Even playing a small club Richard Butler still looks as if he's playing to a huge crowd and his enthusiasm is a welcome change from the 80s artists who approach their material with either indifference or vague irony. Wilco (natch) Bad Brains
  14. Hi there, I just wanted to bring this forward for consideration - I don't know if the administrators of Via Chicago have discussed and rejected the proposal, or if it hasn't been on the radar. Some time back I suggested that the torrent portion of the site be renamed "Side With the Seeds." The poll was about 75% in favour of this change. The thread can be found here http://forums.viachicago.org/index.php?showtopic=29801 Just seeing if there would be any administrative support for this idea.
  15. "Smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot smoke pot"
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