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  1. https://player.fm/series/rolling-stone-music-now-170040/a-conversation-with-wilcos-jeff-tweedy You can find it on Itunes, spotify etc
  2. Review in The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/music/2019/oct/04/wilco-ode-to-joy-review
  3. Mojo review Musikkekstra (KK) in Norwegian
  4. I bought mine through the euro Wilco store. The record havent arrived yet, but I got the album as a download late friday.
  5. I got a notice form the European shop that the record got shipped on the 2nd of october. The local record shop got the record got it yesterday. Slight bummer. Dont think I will recive this week.
  6. It was also reviewed in the latest issue of Mojo (with Who on cover) Can provide a scan later.
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  8. just to clarify, Rockefeller in Oslo used to be a old communal bath. But as stated bad google translate.
  9. Review of the show Bad google translate version The guitar rock is struggling, but it did not sound like Wilco inaugurated the Tapperiet Scene for an increasingly enthusiastic saddle on Wednesday night. The rough surroundings were well stocked with about 1300 (capacity 1700), as a kind of industrial Trondheim home variant of Rockefeller in Oslo, without bathing and with good sound. 14 years into his career and immediately ready with his 11th studio album, Jeff Tweedy & co opened. a European mini-tour ahead of the new album "Ode to Joy" coming in October. The first part of the conce
  10. Set list taken from the Wilco FB page: You Are My Face Bright Leaves I Am Trying to Break Your Heart Kamera Handshake Drugs One and a Half Stars Hummingbird White Wooden Cross Red Eyed and Blue I Got You (At the End of the Century) An Empty Corner Bull Black Nova Laminated Cat (aka Not For The Season) Box Full of Letters Everyone Hides Reservations Impossible Germany Theologians Jesus, Etc. Random Name Generator I'm the Man Who Loves You Misunderstood Love Is Everywhere (Beware) California Stars Outtasite (Outta Mind) I'm A Wheel
  11. quick google translate translation: Jeff Tweedy in Trondheim: - Unfortunately, many people today show that they are unable to feel shame. It is very dangerous Most of all, he feels gratitude. But Jeff Tweedy also feels the shame of the compatriot who governs the homeland.One of American Rock's most influential bands over the past 20 years is playing in Trondheim for the first time on Wednesday, and at the same time opens a long tour autumn that takes them further out in Europe and home to the United States. - It's idyllic here. Beautiful. I'm so envious when I come across cities like this and
  12. Great show, obviously. Spiral Stairs (aka Scott Kanneberg ex Pavement support but I managed to miss him sadly) First show of this tour so started a bit rocky but after they got warm it rocked. JT was midly amused about the audience) A new venue 1350 tickets but we managed to avoide the usuall chattering and talking. Didt manage to get a set list but they played 4 or 5 new songs. Songs (from a hazy memory, not of beer though) I am trying to break your heart, Misunderstood, reservation, outta sigh outta mind, jesus etc, Im the man who loves you,Bull Black Nova , theologians, hummingbird, Califor
  13. Poorly I guess.. maybe this should have been moved to after the show??
  14. Taken from the Trondheim Stage fb site. One happy dude outside the local brewery where the concert is taking place
  15. Haha, since Im norwegian I put the date as we use to #firstworldproblem. Had the pleasure meeting Pat Sanson at the local record shop Crispin Glover Records. Nice guy.
  16. Finally my first Wilco show even if beeing a fan since "Beeing There" came out. Cant wait till tomorrow. Heres an article form the local paper "Adressa" while Im waiting.
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    Got my copy at Crispin Glover Records here in Trondheim. It also gets a mention here: http://www.suburbspod.com/2019/04/16/episode-580-record-store-day-bob-dylan-jeff-tweedy-mission-of-burma-fela-kuti/
  18. Looking forward to see them home in Trondheim finally....
  19. There is also an episode on Kreativ Kontrol ep#450 podcast (available on Itunes etc) wich is based on this questionare.
  20. An interview with Nels on Terje rypadal, sadly this is in Norwegian and I dont have the time to translate it. Maybe its readable through google translate https://morgenbladet.no/kultur/2017/08/mysteriets-mann
  21. From Discogs https://www.discogs.com/artist/306247-Jeff-Tweedy?filter_anv=0&subtype=Production&type=Credits
  22. For norwegian speaking members, check out the latest issue of the podcast Radio Tidsmaskinen. Most of the latest episode is about Wilco https://www.mixcloud.com/RadioTidsmaskinen/
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