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  1. All three of the LA shows are awesome. I really love the laid back vibe and arrangements. Do you think the more mellow approach was designed to more easily incorporate the new Schmilco tunes? Or am I imagining it. Also do you think we'll get the Filmore shows on roadcase?
  2. Wow. I like that song. Sounds so Beatlesque to my ears.
  3. Just curious. What are the weak tracks on SW in your opinion? I know it's different for everyone.
  4. I thought Star Wars held together well as a whole album and was more cohesive than the previous three. I feel the same way about Schmilco. There's not one song on either of those albums that breaks the spell for me.
  5. The bass line reminds me of Stuck in the Middle With You. A rubber band sort of groove. It's my favorite song on the album right now.
  6. Am I the only one who thinks the chorus of Someone to Lose has a major Big Star vibe? When the guitar kicks in it reminds me of In the Street. The whole first side of this album is perfect. Not to say the second side isn't great as well. It just hasn't been as immediate as the first side.
  7. Wood grain, Radio Cure, Red Eyed Blue. I like my Wilco weird also. I love love love this album
  8. I retract my previous request and can wait for release day. I guess.
  9. Oh Someone to Lose is so great. It has such a Big Star vibe. If this leaks someone please PM me. I've preordered the cd and vinyl.
  10. That's disappointing. I bought both because I've been so excited about the new album but I haven't listened to the acoustic one yet. The mix on the KEXP show was sooo good that I jumped on the first acoustic roadcase because I wanted the same sound with more songs and lossless audio.
  11. I agree about the screamer. It sounded like there were maybe twenty people in the audience and they were all obnoxious. I've never bought a roadcase where the audience gets on my nerves. It almost felt like I was there and getting pissed off at people.
  12. He repeats "nothing" more than "thank you" on Misunderstood. That kind of mistake turns me off on reviews.
  13. I like the flow of Star Wars more than AGIB. It may not reach the same highs but to me it's more fun to listen to all the way through.
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