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  1. It was a rebuilt synagogue that was turned into a concert hall, so the balcony was there for the women to see the celebrations and the architects were quite skilled at doing this. It was destroyed in 1938 during Kristallnacht then rebuilt after 1945 but it was now too big for the Jewish community in Offenbach and they quickly moved to a smaller building across the street. I don't have too many points of comparison for the current tour but, of course, I was quite amazed by the chain of "Being There" songs during the encore, the easy listening version of "Spiders (Kidsmoke)" (sounding as you i
  2. It is a very fine album indeed. I had her previous one, which was produced by Ry Cooder. The music was fine but there was too many talking intros that consisted in pure name-dropping. On this one, I was surprised about how little Wilco-esque it sounded. Tweedy mostly refined the sound of her live band but didn't try to make it too contemporary and the result is very solid. The new songs are inspired (much more than "The Thanks I Get" would have suited Solomon Burke) and the arrangements for the covers are great. I enjoy it indeed much more than the latest Bettye LaVette.
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    I'll finally be able to catch the show at Offenbach. When it turned out there was no concert in France, I had the good luck that I was near the German border at the date of the show, so it will be a 200km ride to catch the band. The down side is that I'll miss Gillian Welch in Paris. It will be her first performance in Paris and the only European date this year.
  4. Actually, vinyl has less dynamics (it has a very low s/n ratio for instance) and it requires some compression for the music to fit in. But this compression (or this limiting) is something instrumental in how a rock recording is supposed to sound. Current CDs have little dynamics due to everybody wanting the music sounding louder than the competition. That's why the compression is much more aggressive than what the mastering engineer is used to do on a vinyl edition. KT was recorded and certainly mixed in digital (the shows were taped for a cancelled companion DVD), then the high def stereo
  5. I agree that it's most likely due to tour agents. There's definitely an audience in Paris, even if most of it comes from American or British expatriates. Wilco has always sold few copies in France. They don't have something like Nonesuch to promote them and they're handled by guys at Warner Music who are quite clueless. A few years ago, when Tom Petty released "Highway Companion", the guy in charge basically saw the name on a list of releases and ordered 600 copies as he just didn't know who Petty was. The album topped the Billboard and, even if Petty is no big star in France, they ran out o
  6. My main regret is with the live version of "Theologians" that was a bonus track along with "One True Vine" to SBS in US indie shops. The track never surfaced in Europe and wasn't featured in the companion EP. So even if I have the album three times (CD+DVD, LP+CD, CD+EP), I still don't have the track. Anyway, if somebody has a FLAC of it, wink wink nudge nudge...
  7. Which is also impossible, as it doesn't feature a gratuitous softcore lesbian scene.
  8. Mansfield played with Dylan on the Rolling Thunder Revue tour then on the 1978 world tour. He was also a band member on "Street-Legal". He turned to film scoring with Heaven's Gate (his score is one of the only thing of the movie that isn't flawed). He also plays the band violonist in the movie and you can see him next to T-Bone Burnett. He also married Cimino's in and out partner during the shooting.
  9. Do you know how many thousands... hundreds... well dozens of Zune customers will be delighted by the exclusivity? The safest guess is that Microsoft/MSN/Zune Store got some kind of a first pick concerning the soundtrack, something like cross promotion for a limited time. Then the tracks will go on sale everywhere else, including iTunes. The conflict between NBC Universal and Apple concerns TV shows, not music tracks (all the more as NBC/G.E. is not a music label). As the iTunes Store is currently the second largest music store in the US (behind Wal-Mart), it would be suicidal not to sell t
  10. Campbell was also in Bob Dylan's band for six or seven years. In my opinion, the combination of Campbell and Charlie Sexton on guitars marked Bob's best line up of the Never Ending Tour.
  11. It's not necessarily true. Even if the source is digital, it can be recorded at an higher resolution than the CD and the transfer can take advantage of it. Then, the same recording can sound bad on CD and better on vinyl, because the trend is to master CDs very loud, which adds compression and digital clicks. The vinyl is generally safe from this kind of tinkering. By all accounts, however, the "Summerteeth" vinyl doesn't sound better than the CD. I was just speaking of digital recordings on vinyl in general.
  12. There's an interview with John in The Onion A.V. Club about the new Autumn Defense album and tour: The AV Club Interview FYI, the album gets a B+: The review (on the same page, there's also a review of the "Wilco-esque" Broken West) Then, The Washington Post confirms that "that guy from Wilco" is on bass in the latest U2 video, "Window In The Sky", with Hendrix, Keith Richards and Frank Sinatra (not on bass): Who's Who of Pop Peers From U2's 'Window' It seems that January 30th is now officially John Stirratt day in the press...
  13. Of course, it's a joke. Has anybody watched the video for "The Bible Says"? Would any serious Christian use "God hates fags" in the chorus or put "sodomy" in the lyrics to assess an affirmative message? The guy is actually Jason Bolicki, a gay activist and director. The Onion A.V. Club Thread The Radar Online investigation
  14. There's an interview of David Koechner in The Onion A.V. Club. Koechner is of course Champ Kind from Anchorman, the gun lobbyist from Thank You For Smoking and Todd Packer, the traveling sales manager (and closet William Hung fan) in The Office. He's also T-Bones in The Naked Trucker & T-Bones, the musical duet that got a show on Comedy Central. Koechner is interviewed about what's on his iPod. He's got lots of Creedence, some Tenacious D (he hasn't listened to so far, as he must skip the tracks when his kids are around) and some Some Volt:
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