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  1. I've put some of my pictures of this show here: http://www.rustradio.org/wilco2009-11-16/ Roel
  2. A friend posted a recording of the show here: http://www.dimeadozen.org/torrents-details.php?id=276944 Roel
  3. Just back home from Amsterdam. Wow. That was a great show. Started with: Ashes Of American Flags, Remember The Mountain Bed and Company In My Bed. The exact three songs I was hoping to hear tonight.. NICE. Took plenty of nice pictures, will share later! Roel
  4. I agree. For a festival it was OK. A bit conservative maybe, no big surprises, but it sure was great to hear the new songs. The surprise act at Pukkelpop was in the same tent, and in the slot right after Wilco. Rumors had been flying around for days before the festival that it would be Them Crooked Vultures. Just before surprise act was starting, the skies went dark and all hell broke loose. Thunder and lightning, and heavy rains for about 10 or 15 minutes. It wasn't comfortable in that tent with all the people rushing in to get cover and see the surprise act, I can tell you. However,
  5. Saw Wilco at Pukkelpop last Thursday. I enjoyed the show, although there weren't any big surprises. I forgot to take notes of the setlist, but it included: from the new album: - Wilco (The Song) - Bull Black Nova - One Wing - Sonny Feeling oldies: - I Am Trying To Break Your Heart - A Shot In The Arm - Heavy Metal Drummer - Impossible Germany - You Are My Face - Hate It Here - Walken - Spiders (Kidsmoke) - Handshake Drugs - Jesus, Etc. They certainly weren't in that order, though, and I might've missed a song or two. Roel
  6. Replying to my own post here, but.. The pictures are here: http://www.rustradio.org/jefftweedy/ Feel free to use them, but please do credit me if you do. Roel
  7. That's a different Matias, I'm sure :-) I should convince him to post more here, but Matias is from Argentina, living on Mallorca for a few months. His first Wilco show was the one in Zaragosa (sp?), and this one on Mallorca was the first solo Jeff show for both of us. Oh, and I'll post some more pictures later. Roel
  8. Two of the pictures I took: And without mic or amplification:
  9. Hey Peqger :-) Just getting up at 4, early flight, long warm day in Palma, and a cool show. No hard liquor :-) Hard to remember a setlist after days like that. Roel PS this Spanish keyboard is
  10. I think you missed A Shot In The Arm there. We
  11. I posted what I remember of the setlist here: Awesome show.. Still buzzing.
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