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  1. This is mine...portrait of me painted by my dear friend Anika Youcha.
  2. Here's one more pic. Didn't turn out to well...
  3. Here are two pics from last night that my buddy took without a flash. They're not that good but whatev. That's show blew the Duluth show out of the fuckin' water!
  4. Wilco was fuckin' tight last night! The OK sign was me. lol So throughout the first five songs or so I kept raising my hand and throwing the OK sign with my hand. Jeff Tweedy kept lookin' up at me during the songs. Before Jeff and the band went into 'Hate It Here', Jeff stops and says, 'I gotta ask, what does this me (he throws the OK sign), is this some kind of gang sign?' The crowd is silent and of course I was the one he saw throwin' it so I answer, 'You're okay'. He laughs a little and says, 'Thanks...?' The crowd laughs. Later on in the show after a song he says to the crowd. 'You guys are okay'. Everyone throws the OK sign at this point and cheers. So in the middle of the last song or so I throw the ol' OK sign again and in the middle of jamming he throws it back at me. I have to say, I'm pretty much a tool for doing that. I'm surprised he could even see me although we were seven rows back from the stage. But the fact that he acknowledged me out of the sold out crowded Northrop was pretty cool. Yes, I'm a tool. lol
  5. I'm goin' along with My Darling as well...
  6. nico


    Wilco in Duluth last night was rediculous! The guys were great sports and played through a cold misty rain coming off Lake Superior. Can't wait to see them in October! ~nico
  7. Can't wait to see the band again in Sept and Oct. Twice in two months! ~nico
  8. Can anyone help with the chords and lyrics to The Family Gardener?
  9. Looking for 'The Family Gardener' chords from The Minus 5 Down with Wilco album. Jeff plays it on the Sunken Treasure DVD but I can quite make out the progression. Need help. Thanks! ~nico
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