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    My fiancee (I proposed using "On and On and On") Wilco! All Wilco related projects, The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Theology (I'm a theology teacher), the Chicago Cubs, my family, and friends. Dorothy Day....Shawshank Redemption, Woody Allen films. Chelsea the cat.
  1. Yea, thanks for the info G and C....it just seems like such a big decision and then get it and not be happy with it.
  2. Wow, I'm thankful for your reply, Out of Tune, although somewhat overwhelmed (I have only bought one keyboard in my life-1981 Casio) but definitely want 72 to 88 keys, a piano "feel," and some various sounds that might be give me a little variety to the basic piano sound. I'm probably only looking to spend 500 to 600 dollars on the keyboard, and then finding an amp to go with it. I'm basically just looking to find some people to play with, so I don't expect to be on a stage soon although something I could set up for an open mic night that is respectable sounding would be nice. I'll keep re
  3. Hi All, I'm a big Wilco fan. Would like to buy a portable keyboard-something that might help me play the music of Wilco and other similar bands. Any advice is appreciated. I don't have the money to buy what Mikael and Pat may play and am not sure of what specific boards they play. Also am clueless about amps. Thanks in advance for help. John
  4. Hi everyone, I'm in St. Louis-Wilco hasn't been here since May '08-except for Farm Aid last fall, which was a short set. They haven't done a regular show since Wilco the Album came out. After reading this email, it sounds like they won't be coming through here this year...anyone have any insight? Thanks.....
  5. Did Wilco's set get cut? I thought they would get longer than a half hour. Did Gretchen Wilson go over, thus irritating Jeff and inspiring his comments?
  6. Thank you-I need all the help I can get! John
  7. Hi, I'm trying to figure it out on the piano (the band version)-can you tell me which inversion of the chords you are using-what's on top or what's on bottom, and do you have the rest of the song (like what happens in that instrumental bridge)? Thanks, John (I proposed to my wife trying to play that "accoustic" version but I'm still working on it!)
  8. How long was it between the opening band going off and Wilco going on? Thanks for your replies! John
  9. I am attending tonight's show in St. Louis. I was wondering approximately how long the opening band is playing and how long until Wilco goes on...I'm rushing from another appointment to get to see Wilco. The opening band is supposed to start at 8pm. Thanks. John
  10. I was at the show Saturday night (came up from St. Louis) and it was fab. Made the mistake of not wanting to stand in line for the poster before show-I would be willing to buy a poster from anyone who has an extra one, althought I haven't seen a picture of it (are there pictures online)? I would hope they would have these for sale at WilcoWorld.net? If anyone can help me, please post on any of these questions. My email is personal email is jpowell@vdoh.org Thanks....
  11. Hi-I'm kind of ignorant-how would I do a "PM?" to Sue? Thank you. John
  12. Dear All, This information might be somewhere on the Via Chicago site, but I wasn't sure where to look. What email address or snail mail address might be the best to use if one is trying to write Jeff and/or the other guys in the band? Looking for some advice from someone who has written and heard back from the band members! Thank you, John
  13. Hi, I know this sounds really stupid, but I'm not much of a computer guy. I posted about trying to download the More Like the Moon EP and I know you directed me to that page where one can download, but when I clicked on the "link" it gave me a list of the songs but I just got computer jibberish when I clicked on the individual songs. I tried emailing the people at Wilco world but the email was returned. Thanks for patiently reading this. John
  14. I tried to download the More like the Moon EP from the web today on my Mac, but I'm getting an error message saying that "Safari can
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