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  1. I tend to like all 3, as each one certainly has merits. However, I would classify Bull Black Nova as experimental - it's pretty tense and dissonant in the best way possible. I voted for "Squishy" as I do really like when they lay on a nice bit of noise during the songs.
  2. Hey... I'm looking for 2 tix to Monday's UIC show on 10/19. Any seats will do. If you've got them please email unknownsaint17@gmail.com or mperlmutter@lpzoo.org. Thanks so much, Chris
  3. In my opinion, it's still the best live Wilco release. I love the setlist, the quality of the recording and performances. It really is wonderful.
  4. This was a great show... and it was totally me who yelled "Jesus, Etc." and "capo 5"... I guess I was over excited to hear that song solo.
  5. 1. Jesus, Etc. 2. One Wing 3. Sunken Treasure 4. Theologians 5. Impossible Germany 6. Radio King 7. Via Chicago 8. Less Than You Think 9. Muzzle of Bees 10. Promising 11. New Madrid 12. The High Heat 13. Poor Places 14. She's a Jar 15. Wishful Thinking 16. Forget the Flowers 17. Airline to Heaven 18. Chinese Apple 19. Gun 20. Pot Kettle Black I didn't realize how difficult making this list would be... I also REALLY wanted to include: More Like the Moon, Panthers, IATTBYH, Handshake Drugs and Should've Been In Love... and probably 40 or 50 more. Argh.
  6. I got 2 floor tix at 11:59am... so this one started a bit early too (at least according to my clock). Very excited about this show.
  7. What a dick! $249??? These people make me sick.
  8. Well, that sucked. Wouldn't even let me get 2 tickets. Seriously must've had only a few. I even logged in early.
  9. Also, www.ultimate-guitar.com has a lot of online lessons (free) and does a fairly decent job explaining certain concepts. I've always preferred a trial-and-error approach to building chords and tones. Like markosis above me said - just move your fingers around the fretboard in shapes you know and change them a little.
  10. I think all of "Casino Queen" and "I Thought I Held You" is pretty bad. Those songs seem to exist just to take up space on an album...
  11. Yeah, Jay's voice is just terrible. Just listen to him sing "My Darling" on the IATTBYH documentary... he's got a voice like shards of glass, and not in a good way. His backing vocals always seemed over the top and I've always thought they were to high in the mix. Sansone's a much better singer - maybe even a better all-around vocalist than Stirratt. I like the new lineup. Nels is just amazing - one of the best guitarists I've ever seen - and the harmonies are as tight as they've ever been.
  12. I'd say: Jimi Hendrix Robert Smith Jeff Tweedy Nels Cline James Taylor Paul Mackey Jim James Jonny Greenwood Joe Perry Jimmy Page Dave Matthews Billy Corgan George Harrison/John Lennon Issac Brock Ken Lemire
  13. I thought I had avoided the "Wil-ness" or "Wil-cough" but I happened to be working with some folks who were woefully ill and my immune system was not happening after standing in the cold for 5 nights... I am now very sick.
  14. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to hear "Less Than You Think" and it totally blew me away. Fucking AMAZING song. What a show - what a residency. Can't say enough good things about it!!! I'll definitely be on a high for a few days. Subtle highlight of the night: Tweedy apologizing for having to play "I Thought I Held You" and calling it "Total Dogshit - one of the worst songs ever."
  15. The reason for making "demos" on ProTools and then recording live is very simple: ProTools allows you to record MANY different tracks, audition the best ones and come up with a "finished" product - however, the sound of recording digitally and recording to tape (live) is very different. There are nuances to every sound that simply can't be captured digitally and the sound tends to become more compressed when mixed down (at least in my experience). An album like YHF and, especially, Summerteeth benefits from the ProTools treatment because of the variety of effects and sheer number of tracks
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