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  1. Ridley Scott, of BladeRunner and Alien fame, is in preproduction to make Blood Meridian. I can't wait! "No Country For Old Men" is what action movies should be. It's what horror movies should be. I have never gotten scared by any movie before, this one did it though. I knew what was going to happen the entire time, yet the Cohen brothers were still able to keep me on the edge of my seat. I'm definitely going to see it again soon.
  2. No country for old men Superbad ...I think that's all.
  3. Thomas Pynchon's - Crying of Lot 49: Just got around to reading it this year, and this is what I tell everyone - This is the novel that reminded me why I love to read in the first place. Maas's musings over the Jacobean Revenge Play was probably the funniest "thing" that I have ever read/heard/seen. Some of his references are joyously familiar to anyone who has any knowledge of literary history while other references are obscure enough to prompt further readings/appreciation. So much fun. Cormac McCarthy's - The Road: Certainly not one of McCarthy's best, yet it still stands out as one of th
  4. would anyone be able to yousendit.com the boot to me? my campus blocks most p2p downloading sites/progs.
  5. That day was probably one of the best days of my life. Wilco came to my campus, it was amazing. I ended up camping out 4 hours before the show in front of the Wilco van (anyone see me?), and I got to hang out a bit with all of the guys. They were all the coolest guys, really down to earth and didn't mind talking to fans at all. I was star struck to say the least...I'm going to shut up before I gush any more. Best Jeffism of the night: "Why are you guys sitting down, did you have a hard day? Oh wait...you're pregnant."
  6. had to finish it about a week ago, have to say it's one of favorite books as of now, at least. every page was amazing. i loved it.
  7. The mighty continents divided For a second time in all history They found themselves just floating Free from all responsibility Without the weight of being whole Some fruits evolved all on their own But if you want something back All the things that got cracked When I felt like you lied to me And all the million mistakes And the kicks in the face But i don't want you to die in me So when you say what you want That you need what you got Don't forget to be kind to me Now here's an apple with a tougher skin While you've got your pretty scales and fins you say See all the things that i can do So
  8. When I started dating my girlfriend, it was pretty clear that if she didn't get my Wilco addiction, the relationship wouldn't last long. The song that got her into Wilco was "Remember the Mountain Bed," and while it isn't an authentic Tweedy song, it does rank in the top 10 of my favorite songs.
  9. I don't know how popular they are, not a lot of people I know are really into them. But if I had to pick only 5 albums that best describe me in the artists emotional scope, Archers of Loaf's Vee Vee would be one of them.
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