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  1. Let's hear 15 or 20 more Wilco albums and then talk again ...
  2. .... to post for sale stuff? I'm selling off a big chunk of my vinyl collection and thought some of you guys might want to take a look. But I wasn't sure where to post 'em or if there were any rules about that type of thing.
  3. amazing, amazing songwriter. my whole family loves his stuff.
  4. I can get subtle grit ... but I have 5 clipping options vs. 3 so I'm not sure which ones are missing on the stock Rabbit. The BR is awesome at stage volume but it really shines at low (bedroom) volume too ... it totally blows away a RAT for playing at home. Anyway, not to be a cheerleader but I really love my Brown Rabbit and Digilog.
  5. +1 for Elizabeth Mitchell ... I luuuuv her. "Alphabet Dub" has got to be the coolest kid's song ever. Also try Billy Jonas. He's a trip.
  6. I've seen a few Roots shows in my day. Always a good time.
  7. Doesn't really remind me of Wilco but it's a frikin' awesome record. Good, good stuff.
  8. There is a "vintage jack" available that fits the existing hole ...
  9. The vinyl? I got it as a new release ...
  10. The volume control is really nice. I use it all the time.
  11. Yep I have that one on vinyl ... good record.
  12. I use the M1A and it sounds great. The preamp does a very good job and the battery lasts for something like 1000 hours. It sounds better combined with a mic but it's a perfectly usable signal by itself. I have plugged DI into a PA as well as into my tube amp and both sound fine. It's far less expensive to go with the active pickup vs the passive/preamp combo and I can't really see any big advantages to the latter (assuming your acoustic gets a nice sound in the first place which shouldn't be a problem w/ a SCGC).
  13. WELL NEVERMIND!!! ... just kidding No love, huh? Well, I can't say it's the first time everyone thought I was nuts for recommending an album.
  14. I'm sure the voice is an issue for some people ... I admit that it took me a while to warm up to the album in general. Then I put on some headphones and started to realize how tight all the rhythms fit together. It's like a jigsaw puzzle. It's amazing how awesome these guys are at doing this stuff. I can't believe there are no pre-recorded samples for the live show.
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