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  1. To be honest, any shocking quality recording will do me. Brought my sister for her 18th and really wanted to get her a copy of this
  2. Although not put out in candidate bytes, if I ever see a better political campaign message than this I will be an extremely happy man
  3. I always think it's kind of sad that the best U.S. political show and pretty much the only decent one that I've seen has to be dressed up as a comedy to get the majority of Americans to watch it so they can get their point across. Don't get me wrong, the John Daily Show is brilliant, but compared to some of the coverage you get on the BBC, Paxman in particular, it just pales in comparison. I also love the way the best political commentator in the U.S. was in Jay and Silent Bob Stike Back
  4. No news on where the recording went?
  5. There'll be hell to pay for the Super Adventure Club
  6. I don't see what's wrong with the term apart from being Lazy journalism. Radiohead are a very unique band (as are Wilco) and Wilco are probably the closest thing to them that America has produced in the same time line, hence the American Radiohead and seeing that Radiohead are the bigger out of the two of them it's natural that it would be the American Radiohead and not the British Wilco. If anything, the only purpose the comments serves is to intoduce Radiohead fans to Wilco
  7. I'd much rather hear him on I'm always in Love than it's just that simple tbh
  8. Get-Well-Cards is the standout for me but as a massive Bright Eyes fan, compared to his overall work I'd certainly say it falls short of Cassadaga, IWAIM, Digital Ash and Fevers. A load of the songs just seem really fillery
  9. Might check it out. What type of music do you play and when will you know if you are playing more dates in Dublin? As for Temple Bar, it's not the best, just full of English louts on Stag parties, nice if you wanna pull some cheap English bird, otherwise, move to other areas of town. I'd recommend Whelans on Campden Street (? could be wrong)
  10. Very harsh on Federer, the only reason that he seemed so boring in the past is that there was nobody near his level for three years. Far from being a robot, he is trying to introduce some elements of serve and volleying into his game to keep it fresh and when you see him against Nadal, he just looks a very classy player as opposed to Nadal who just belts the ball and himself around the court. I do think that Borg as the best ever is impossible to dispute, mainly because he retired so early he didn't have a bad period
  11. I think if I were to go it would be dependent on Mallorca (or maybe Murcia, don't know if they got promoted) having a home La Liga match against one of the big 5
  12. Provisional 1) Wilco - Yankee Hotel Foxtrot 2) Oasis - (What's the Story) Morning Glory 3) Muse - Origin of Symmetry 4) Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker 5) Bob Marley - Legend 6) KISS - Destroyer 7) Bright Eyes - I'm Wide Awake it's Morning 8) Lil' Wayne - Tha Carter II 9) Neil Young - Harvest 10) Fun Loving Criminals - Bag of Hits 11) Metallica - Metallica 12) Radiohead - The Bends 13) Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory 14) Wilco - Being There 15) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours 16) The Killers - Sam's Town 17) Elvis Presley - Hitstory 18) Oasis - Be Here Now 19) Bright Eyes - Fevers and Mirrors 20) Dr. Dre - 20
  13. Can see some tactical placing coming in to this. For example, What's the Story would probably not be my top album of all time, but seeing as I doubt it will get in here easily a number 1 placing is looking likely
  14. Tweedy Oberst and Wilco are not enough to get me to fork over 250 quid
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