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  1. Ticket gone, but I don't see an obvious delete for the topic or I would.
  2. That is a good New Yorker article. I'm not too concerned after seeing a few of Wild Flag's videos, and listening to the whole album. I love Portlandia, but I'll listen to the album more than I'll ever watch repeats of Portlandia, and Janet Weiss isn't in Portlandia (maybe she has been, but I don't place it).
  3. I have not seen that before. Thanks. I saw the Portlandia road show in Seattle recently. That was a treat.
  4. Jeff could definitely pull it off well. Eddie Vedder is in the new season, and it is a very funny skit. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing Janet Weiss and Glenn Kotche on dueling drum kits.
  5. Would be a perfect opening band for Wilco. I love Nick Lowe, and alot of the other choices I've seen over the years, but this would be an amazing combination. http://youtu.be/Mz3_Cxwiu7I
  6. I have really enjoyed Ryan Adams' music over the years, and just saw a 2 1/2 hour solo show from a few rows back in our symphony hall. It was the first time I have seen him live, and he was very entertaining. I was grateful to be there listening in that setting with such a musician. That being said, for me musically and, frankly, emotionally, there was no comparision to seeing Jeff's solo NW tour in Seattle, some of which is documented on the DVD. That was the most stunning solo performance I've ever seen.
  7. I had two tickets and provided credit card info, now I'm bumped back to the waiting room? WTF? and now it's sold out. This was the worst Wilco presale ever. No problems with the last ones
  8. I was jumped to purchase automatically, and I didn't play much of the game. Now however it won't close the deal on my credit card, it's stuck at that page.
  9. So is anyone else stuck in the waiting room trying to purchase tickets? I figure if I leave and try again, I'll fall further back in line.
  10. The vinyl did show up on the 30th for me, and I did the cheap shipping to Seattle. You got a bum deal, I would be an unhappy camper.
  11. Ryan was in top comedic and solo form last Friday. We were treated to about 2.5 hours, including a start of Oh My Sweet Carolina played remarkably quietly and beautifully in our symphony hall. A 7 song encore! He was suggesting he might be paying a fine for running over the curfew by 1/2 hour. http://www.examiner.com/live-music-in-seattle/live-review-ryan-adams-flies-solo-at-benaroya-hall-seattle-review
  12. January: 28 San Jose Civic Aud., 29 SF Warfield, 31 Oakland Fox. February: 3 Eugene Hult Ctr., 5 Vancouver BC Orpheum, 6 Spokane INB Perf. Arts, 7 Seattle Paramount, 8 Portland Schnitzer, First things first, thanks for coming back to the Paramount in Seattle again (a new Paramount roadcase show was just posted from last years). But, look at this schedule! 3 Bay Area shows in four days. All they have to do is drive north a bit, then cross the bridge for Oakland. Sounds pretty relaxed (same base camp possible). Now look at a map. From Eugene, up to Vancouver (ok, 2 days fo
  13. It's rather basic, they were shipped from North Carolina on the 23rd via UPS ground. You should have a tracking number. But I admit it is frustrating living way far away from the shipping center in NC. Up here in Seattle, the tracking information says it's supposed to show up tomorrow (Friday). We are so far away from civilization!
  14. dad rock 160 up, 68 down The standard set of albums from the 60s and 70s that every boomer likes. Boomers try to get younguns to listen to dad rock by loading up "best albums ever" lists with them. Dad rockers have no desire to listen to recent music and are stuck in the past. From the Urban Dictionary. Exhibit A's author is clueless.
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