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    newest: yah, jeff tweedy.<br />music: '60s&'70s rock, a little '90s rock, classical piano, opera, greg brown.<br />true books.<br />old stuff -- the kind that's on the edge between funk and junk.<br />abstract expressionism.<br />collage and assemblage art.
  1. analogman, well put, that is a really great belief and line. i want to see it every day. i can write it on my wall but also want to carry it around with me. maybe a bumper sticker?
  2. wow, i just relived saturday night, great sound -- thank you!!!
  3. very well said, thanks -- and also for reminding me of the "salted milk" stuff, which slipped my mind by the end. that and the blue light and seal exchanges were very witty friendly-irreverence. loved it. the three-song opener was killer, absolutely, and i also especially appreciated the gorgeous one wing, plus jesus etc, shot in the arm, and passenger side -- all songs i was dying to hear him do as a first-timer. my husband was amazed when jeff stepped out from the mic and did walken and acuff rose. i know from reading the forums and from you-tube that he does this, but my husband a
  4. they started at 8 o'clock in portland and played for 35-40 minutes. jeff came out at 9. i really liked the crowd also, after being worried at the thought of not being able to hear or see jeff if people were loud and jumping up and down. we could feel while listening that the crowd loved jeff, and the great enthusiasm -- loud and lengthy whooping and clapping -- between songs and at the end of the show was delightful.
  5. maybe it's weird only if you go to wilco or other band shows too, in comparison. i live in maine, am no spring chicken, and sang along plenty last night. i've been to band concerts in boston and nyc too many to count since god knows when -- and had a great time for the most part -- but i'd take a jeff performance over any of them any day.
  6. hi everyone, he did play "solitaire," and also "i'm the man who loves you" rather than "i'm always in love." this was my first ever tweedy or wilco show, and it was FABULOUS. i absolutely loved every minute of it. jeff was in fine form musically, and friendly, funny, and charming. we had great seats in row 10, i love the state theatre. since the excitement of seeing the beatles at forest hills in nyc in 1964, this was the the most excited i've been to see anyone. i was so hyped up i thought i'd have a panic attack! my husband got me three glasses of wine to calm me down! for
  7. r.e.m.'s "shiny happy people" had just ended as i wandered around the goodwill store in south portland, and then "you and i" came on. it was my first ever hearing of wilco outside my car or house. i about dropped dead, and yelled wow, it's jeff!!! never thought i'd post to this thread. had to do it.
  8. ha, excellent! certainly reflects me, for one, and clearly i'm far from alone. my husband will be calling you.
  9. my husband is sick to death of jeff tweedy, but he's smart enough to say so only once every couple of months, and besides, he knows i can't help it.
  10. i think you're right about that, and it won't surprise me one bit. i loved SBS the very first time i heard it. to me it has everything: magnificent lyrics, musical complexity, at times elegant simplicity, and jeff's totally unique, unmatched, and beautifully unpredictable voice. another reason it "has everything" for me is that i know it better than any other music i've been listening to during my fairly long life (and that's a lot of music). i know it backwards and forwards, upside down and inside out. this is because in the fall of 2007 i suddenly woke up one morning with very bad ti
  11. i have no such idea. dissent and disagreement exist in any kind of group known to humanity. human nature. "armchair psychiatry"??
  12. umm, i'm beginning to wonder why some people seem to have a problem with wilco having jeff as its leader. (is this new?) he began the thing; it seems to have developed naturally that the individuals in the band have for quite a long time been content with the starter of the band being the leader of the band; all of them seem to feel that enough decisions get made collectively; and so far i don't see anyone miserable and jumping ship because of some imagined dictatorship under which, after all, they are perfectly free to come or go. the resentment probably comes from some longtime fans not
  13. i've been to the hell that is chrome. did not stay.
  14. same here -- i loved SBS from the very first listen. and i voted for it in this poll. i don't dislike W(TA). the only really difficult thing about it for me is feist's too-smooth faux-sultry voice interfering with jeff's; that i can't take. so unnecessary and annoying. jeff's voice is at least 3/4 of the reason i was hooked in the first place, and still am. i like "one wing," "country disappeared," "you never know," and "wilco (the song)" very much, each for different reasons. overall, the guys sound like they're having a good time, and that makes me happy. also, several of the tunes
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