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  1. Turn up the gain on your amp and make sure it's ridiculously loud. Then go wild with lots of open strings and whatnot. Much easier than all this delay and synth nonsense. And it's more fun to see how unlike a guitar you can get your guitar to sound like with no effects.
  2. And yes, I am pretentious enough to be reading this for fun.
  3. Electrics: Fender Toronado(Lucy)- MIM, was my first real guitar and is also the only guitar that I've given a name to. It's been converted into a tenor guitar (CGDA) for now. Ibanez Artcore- Unbelievably impressive and versatile. Acoustic: Martin D-15- I love this guitar. Amplification: Vox Valvetronix AD120- Sounds amazing and is loud as hell. Drums: Cheap 3/4 size Mapex- They get the job done and they record particularly well.
  4. yea, the live version is in E. Jeff tunes his guitar to drop D and then puts a capo on the 2nd fret.
  5. here are the chords for the YHF demos version of Not For The Season: intro: F, G, C the cool riff is: e---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------1-----1------------3-------3-------------5-------5--------------3-------3-------- G------0------0------0----0-------0------0------0-------0------0-------0-------0-----0----- D----2------2------2----3------3-------3------5-------5------5-------3-------3-----3------- A--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------
  6. here it is: g----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- d--0--4---2---0--2--0-----0----0-4--2--0-2-0------------------------------------------2-3-2----- a------------------------2--------------------------2---0-----------2-2--5--2--------3------------- e---------------------------------------------------------------3-3-----------------1---------------- that's how I play the intro. The verse goes something like this: g----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- d--------7-7----
  7. Here's a go at Panthers: it's in drop D. e---------------------------- B----------------------------- G--5---2------------------------ D--0---0------------------------- A--0---0--------------------- D--0---0---------------------- do that twice, and then... e----------------- B------------------ G---0---2----------- D---0---0----------- A---0---0---------- D---0---0------------- that's the verse. The chorus, as far as I can tell, is: Dm, C, G, C, CM7 and the piano riff is: e-----------0-------------0---------------1--------- B--------------1-------------1---------------3------ G
  8. I think I remember reading somewhere that the DADAAD tuning is for Can't Stand It.
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