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  1. as long as analogman is still here, i will be a happy man. happy birthday vc
  2. greg

    so happy

    bless you kind sir.. now going back into my cave for a few years.
  3. greg

    so happy

    to see analogman is still here. xoxoxox.
  4. yhf bt st am agib everything else sucks
  5. greg


    anal og man is my zen. bummed he hasnt checked in. jerk...
  6. greg


    bump in my trunk....
  7. greg


    analogman is still around. thats good to know. see ya.
  8. live shows, most of the time, only live in memory, records last, hopefully, forever. i agree with you vacant re: nels... and mr crow daddy, yes blow em the hell up. he's done it before, why not do it again?
  9. in my tiny little brain, which is the equivalent of a 3rd grader, i can only attribute my distaste for the past few wilco records to nels cline. there is no denying he is a great player, fucking fantastic, but me thinks his heavy handedness in last the few records has been too much for me too bear. maybes its tweedy? maybe its nels? maybe its the fear the world is ending according to the mayan calendar? all i know is the main common denominator re: my lost of love for wilco has been the inclusion of nels cline. coincidence? maybe, but highly doubtful...
  10. firstly, cute pups. secondly, you are correct re: my love for everything up to and including a ghost is born. thirdly, my ears, and they're bad, mind you, dont hear any likeness tween the two, summerteeth and the whole love. sure, "i might" is definitely summerteeth-esque but the rest of it, i just dont hear, but again thats just me. i actually love that people are still loving wilco and will never put down or question why they do, but for me they just aint cuttin it any more. the last three records are fine records, but not wilco "fine," imo. there are glimpses of the wilco i love but they
  11. my hope, mike, is that maybe in a year, maybe more, ill revisit em and fall in love.
  12. yeah, been here since 04, or something. just havent visited in forever. damn kids, job, wife, website, drinking, etc keep me away... glad you dig the site though...
  13. choo-choo its never too late to come back... and thanks for the kind words. appreciated...
  14. actually i hadnt listened to the show before i posted it, but was listening to the whole love as i was putting it together. just one man's opinion...
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