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    #1 My wife and 2 fair daughters.<br />#2 Music (listening, seeing shows, creating, or playing)<br />#3 Other people<br />#4 All other art (other than music)<br />#5 Baseball (Go Brewers!)<br />#6 Riding motorcycles
  1. 2nd night of the first Chicago residency. The impromptu encore after the song "Peaches" was played as exit music over the PA. The crew started breaking down equipment. The crowd (spurred on by SMRT) was not leaving. We sang and clapped along to that song. Put that shit back together!
  2. From 7th Street Entry- 1995? freaks here's another...
  3. allgodsmoney


    That could be Sheboygan, but he would have no idea who Wilco was...and he's missing his "Walker has nads" T shirt.
  4. I tried to get mine on the VC page, but here is a link to mine: http://iacmusic.com/play2.aspx?songID=85807&source=Droneski%20-%20I%27m%20A%20StoneSong%20Page
  5. I think the big deal with Nels last night was the fact that he was using a majorly pared down set up as far as his effects were concerned. H had none of the loopers and no chaos pad, that he usually uses with his hands set up. All the sounds he produced were a little more live and organic. He didn't miss a beat doing it a different way and he sounded great. That man is WICKED! One other cool thing was the sound of the room. I noticed during Misunderstood, that during the "nothing" break down, that the sound would just soak into the curtains, or walls, or whatever. There was no after "r
  6. What a show! My wife had tried, during the pre-sale to purchase tickets and, not knowing where BBB was located, threw those back and got some for "J." Needles to say, the term "BBB" was a euphemism for a major screw up around our house. So imagine our surprise as we received our tickets from the box office and they were for row CCC. Well, it turns out that someone was caught scalping, and the tickets were taken away from them. Instead of selling those tickets, they bumped up a bunch of people, including us. Another example of how Wilco takes care of their people. Love this band! Oh.
  7. What a great show! I had a great time, and was thoroughly entertained by both wonderful acts. The Whole love is a favorite album of mine, and I sure enjoy seeing it played live. Poor Places, War on War and Outa sight outa mind and vice versa? Yes please! It’s always fun to listen to the band as a whole, but to watch some of the individual nuances that a particular player contributes to a particular song, like Nels on the double neck, switching back and forth… Anyway, the Riverside is beautiful theater, and the sound was right on. I really , really appreciate the extra work the sound c
  8. My favorite human is going with me.
  9. I'm in the midst of building a cabinet for a Leslie unit I harvested from an organ I found in our town dump. It was originally built with a 10 in speaker, but looks like it can handle the circumference of a 12". I'm planning on using it in conjunction with my 2X12 and use an AB box to switch between the two. I'm using crate powerblocks that a friend turned me onto to power these. The Powerblock has a 150w 8 Ohm output, so I will switch between two 75W 8 ohm, to the Leslie which I will be putting in one 150w 8ohm. I think it might be cool. what do you all think?
  10. The Low Anthem is playing in Chicago at Lincoln Hall on Feb. 28 I'm going Anyone else?
  11. I like the name Charlie Don't Surf! But I am more particular to Dumpster Juice. I even named a drink after them.
  12. Yeah... I've been in this town less than 24 hours and have already fallen in love with it. The people working the fest are extremely nice. When they were kicking us out, instead of just yelling and pushing, this woman walked up to the group I was with and said "May I please encourage you to move to the exit?" Nice. The evening was wonderful. The facility was beautifuly decorated and lighted, and I had never seen Pronto live before (the far exceeded my expectations). I had a great time and plan on an even better one today. By the way, anyone want to get together to play a little guitar wh
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