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  1. C'mon it's not like he had Michael Hutchence hair!
  2. ^ this. However since I cannot see my "alleged" bald spot I choose not to believe it is there. Perhaps Jeff rolls the same way. Never underestimate the power of denial
  3. "Are you preparing to record anything right now? I'm on tour right now, but I'm always writing and we're getting into the studio later this month to start recording the next Wilco record. We're going to try to do what we've always done" Nice!
  4. Mountain Bed should be a requirment for all setlists. Just saying
  5. Hummm...I agree with some and disagree with some. The one I want to call out though is Muzzle. I consider that to be a studio masterpiece. It may be my favorite Wilco song period. I have yet to see it or hear it live that did the studio version justice. Don't get me wrong I enjoy it live, but the CD version is perfect.
  6. You must be in marketing. I like it
  7. you and I both patiently await that show It was my wife's first and I hate I can't recreate it for her. Oh well she had fun 2 nights ago.
  8. so I am guessing my anaolgy struck a chord with you ?
  9. I have a buddy who would argue that Kiss is the greatest thing since sliced bread. My ignorance of the band would be my downfall in this arguement. I guess I always viewed them as a novelty rather than "serious music" but truth be told I don't know enough about them to comment either way. Just perception. Long way of saying more power to ya
  10. let it be known on this day Oct. 7th 2009 someone said I was right. Must be becuase I saw Wilco last night
  11. Isn't that sort of the point of the song though? "I miss the innocence I've known. Playing Kiss covers beautiful and stoned" I have always taken that to mean innocence = yes I like Kiss, I'm blazed, and having a blast with no responsibility (and I certainly don't know any better). I.E. Kiss could be the same metaphor as any music we all cut our teeth with that will look back on and shake our heads about. Wilco Radiohead etc...kinda wakes you up and slaps you in the face and says wow music is actually serios shit. Kiss-well not so much but damn those were fun times. I personally think B
  12. Totally agree. Most involved I have seen Jeff ever as far as his guitar work. I was waiting for him to have the guitar battle with Nels during Hoodoo Voodoo
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