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  1. Good show, but I can tell you going into this show - there was no way it was going to live up to the Royal Oak show. Such an epic performance that Jeff & the guys clearly remember! I couldn't believe after the first encore people just started leaving! and then eventually they turned the lights on, the audience was really the weak link in this performance.
  2. Fantastic show last night, I thought my previous Wilco show would be hard to top (Wilco and Andrew Bird at the Fox Theatre, Andrew played seven songs with them!) but this show topped every show I have ever been to. I took a few pictures and one video of Jeff during hummingbird which you can find here EDIT: Sorry about posting the direct link, if you want to see the video you can check out my channel on youtube, it's the same as my user name.
  3. alright guys, two days away. This is my first GA wilco show, so I'm really wondering for all you vets - what is a good time to start lining up to get a great seat? am I going to have to start lining up the day before to get an excellent seat or will I be safe showing up in the afternoon?
  4. the show should be pretty awesome, I am super excited. Any chance we get some guests playing with Wilco? Last time they played here they had 3 encores - what time are you guys arriving to line up for the show?
  5. Yeah, so far it's not going for me. If someone has it can they put it up!? EDIT: it's going!
  6. link? it looks like the ann arbor show is up but not this show.
  7. Anyword on tapers for any of the shows?
  8. Check it out here! for some reason I'm unable to post the photos via the message board
  9. Overall I thought the show was pretty great last night, Jeff sounded like he was in good spirits and I think that showed in his interactions with the audience. Although I must admit the crowd banter became relatively annoying at certain points. The ending was pretty fantastic though, I took a bit of video of with last night. As well as a few pictures..toss them up after class. So happy to hear the wilco song as well!
  10. thanks for uploading the show man! great stuff!!
  11. hey guys, a few short clips of the show with bad sound quality http://youtube.com/smackdexter
  12. has anyone found the video for this show!? I'd love to re-watch it.
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