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  1. Great recap, as always, for those who were not there to learn some of the details and vibe of the show, and setlist of course! He played the "flood song" at the Bowery for the Hanukkah shows. This is how I remember it from that night: it was a funny delivery of a more serious time and that we need another flood to wipe everything out. The chorus included Let's hear it for the rain! I was wandering if the reference to Scott was actually written in the lyrics or he included him as a shout out for what he has been going thru. It was a nice surprise to hear his name belted out and I didn'
  2. Here is the complete setlist, as played (didn't get a look at a printed list, but I heard that Space Oddity was not on it.) More... Random Name Generator The Joke Explained You Satellite Taste The Ceiling Pickled Ginger Where Do I Begin Cold Slope King Of You Magnetized Company In My Back I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Art Of Almost Heavy Metal Drummer I'm The Man Who Loves You Hummingbird Handshake Drugs Camera Via Chicago I Must Be High Born Alone Impossible Germany The Late Greats ------------------ Misunderstood* I'm Always In Love* A Shot in the Arm* Space Oddity [David Bowie]* *
  3. It wasn't working for me either. Just tried again tonight and it is back up and the new tracks are in!
  4. Wilco, you are AMAZING!
  5. This is interesting. Hadn't heard about this and was curious. In the event details on Ticketmaster it does say special guest is Jeff Tweedy...
  6. mdpoet


    There is a contest to win a Hatch print for these shows. It sounds like there will be 2 separate prints. You can enter here... http://ryman.com/events/Wilco_102114 Good luck!
  7. Thanks for the detailed reports and trying to bring everyone not there into the room for such a night full of comedy and music. From what I have experienced, any show that begins with Sunken Treasure always seems to progress into something special. Not sure how it can get any better than this, but here's to a couple more great ones ahead on this run.
  8. The best! ...going to stuff the ballot box with this request for those lucky folks going to Largo!
  9. haha - that would have been pretty awesome!
  10. The same thing happened to me. My cart was up to $2,500 at one point, had all nights including 32 tickets for Monday and ended up with not a one. What a debacle!
  11. Great! Thanks for the link. In case anyone here is interested in a signed cd version, here is the preorder link for that... http://shop.villageproduce.com/mavis-staples/one-true-vine
  12. Does anyone know if this will be available on vinyl? I received information about a preorder, but it only offered a cd version. Thanks!
  13. Looks like the Columbus show has been cancelled. Received the following email notice... Your Event Has Been Canceled BOB DYLAN & HIS BANDAttention ticket holder! We just learned that your upcoming event has been canceled:Bob Dylan & His Band Nationwide Arena Sunday, July 7th at 5:30PM We’re sorry that your event has been canceled. For your convenience, we’ve automatically refunded your order, including fees, (except UPS and InStore Pick Up, if applicable), which will appear on your credit card within 7 – 10 business days. Questions? Just hit reply and ask us or visit Ticketmast
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