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  1. i would imagine the loose fur version is dynamite on psychadilics. i mean, really it's a great jam. i think the lyrics work better on this version than anything off the YHF demos.
  2. got in a taxi headed to work. the moment i entered the cab, "Box Full of Letters" was playing. apparently, the local news at the time was using it as an intro for their mailbag-type segment. completely made my fucking day.
  3. I work for Famous Dave's BBQ. and the highlight of every work day is when the "James Alley Blues" cover plays once on the surprisingly decent playlist there. I also got into a cab the other day, and the local radio station the driver was listening to used "box full of letters" for their mailbag segment. quite a way for a wilco fan to enter a taxi. oh, and yesterday at the coffee shop (NOT starbucks), Impossible Germany came on out of nowhere. luck like that has a way of making shitty days bearable. this is also my first post.
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