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  1. At the risk of coming off like a total namedropper jerk Ben bought me a beer when I ran into him at a bar after Lollapalooza last year. He was exceedingly gracious, kind and friendly and stayed to chat with me and my friend for quite a while. Other friends who have met him have had similar experiences.
  2. I mean, go see 'em if you wanna...they're perfectly capable and everything, but the layers of fuzz and distortion are really stripped back, and it makes you realize the utter banality of the lyrics. I'll probably be there too.
  3. They're much better on record than they are live.
  4. It's not so much of a sipping action...
  5. Yeah...upon viewing the video, I'm not too torn up about missing it. Ben seemed...awkward. I feel you on this.
  6. It's interesting. I might go. The undercard is nice.
  7. I think you meant BoH setlists, right? I have one from Cleveland: Their opening sets seemed pretty static in the first four or five shows of the tour, but it seems like they might be mixing it up a bit now with the 'Mats cover and whatnot. They didn't collaborate with PJ on any of the dates I saw, either - really bummed I missed Ben on "All Along the Watchtower" the other night. Ah well.
  8. Wait, whaaaa? Oh man. I had no idea there was a train. I'm...in? ...how do you get from the train to the ballpark? Looks like it's a ways...
  9. Cleveland show was second only to St. Louis on this leg, IMO...great setlist and energy. Sorry you had a bad time, Maggie.
  10. I like it all right...it lags a bit in the middle IMO, but the closing track is a stunner.
  11. Oooh, nice! I'll have to check that out. The new Phosphorescent record is pretty easily the most perfect thing I've heard all year. You can get a download of the full album if you pre-order it on Dead Oceans.
  12. I wasn't going to buy anything, but RSD excitement got the better of me Got to Laurie's at 8:30 and ended up around 50th in line...sheesh. Moby Grape 7" Plants and Animals LP (this is so incredibly excellent) Dum Dum Girls/Male Bonding 7" Happy Birthday 7" Rodriguez 7" Soundgarden 7" (for a friend) Wilco Kicking Television box Hendrix live LP and a bunch of free junk. Score!
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