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  1. I kept trying for about 45 minutes, but the best pair I got was 202 row FF. Most of them were 201 or 206, off to the side and halfway back in the section. I would have bit (and probably should have), but the ticket price kinda put me off. Hesitation Blues! Pritzker is nice in the pavilion, not so much in the "listening lawn", so I'll keep my fingers crossed and see what happens on the regular sale.
  2. That would put the VERY in "very special guests"! I have a feeling it's gonna be a pretty good show, and now I'm really curious as to who'll be opening.
  3. The site crashed on me at 10am. By the time I got back in, I could only pull 200 sections, so I passed and hope I can do better on the onsale. Hard to pay $85+ fees for tix, I've been wondering who the special guests might be and if that caused the high prices.
  4. I got 6th row center for Kalamazoo. It was 10am Eastern Time, I almost forgot about the time difference and logged in 5 minutes after the presale started!
  5. Thank you, never got the email but I got 6th row for the Zoo!
  6. I like this one and the skyline ones from the 04 Vic shows.
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