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  1. The concert was broadcasted live on Dutch television (NPO 101)! What I saw on television: 0. EKG 1. More ... 2. Random Name Generator 3. The Joke Explained 4. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 5. Art Of Almost 6. Pickled Ginger 7. Hummingbird 8. Handshake Drugs 9. Camera (‘More Like The Moon-version’) 10. Where Do I Begin 11. Cold Slope 12. King Of You 13. Via Chicago 14. Spiders (Kidsmoke) 15. Jesus, Etc. 16. Box Full Of Letters 17. Heavy Metal Drummer 18. I'm the Man Who Loves You 19. Impossible Germany 20. The Late Greats so ... was there an encore?
  2. On YouTube you can choose between 3 stages. One of them is the "India-stage" where Wilco will be performing. Feist is also there, so maybe a " You and I" ??
  3. Webstream Lowlands on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/lowlands. 19 augustus 2012 20:30 / India-stage (Dutch time)
  4. Another Wilco-fan saw Wilco several times in March ... and Sir Paul ... Rotterdam, The Netherlands (March 24th): Hello Goodbye/Junior’s Farm/All My Loving/Venus And Mars-Rockshow (part)-Jet/Drive My Car/Sing The Changes/The Night Before/ Let Me Roll It-Foxy Lady (instrumental part)/Paperback Writer/The Long And Winding Road/Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five/My Valentine/Maybe I’m Amazed/I’ve Just Seen A Face/ I Will/Blackbird/ Here Today/Dance Tonight/Mrs. Vandebilt/Eleanor Rigby/Ram On/ Something/Yellow Submarine (part)/Band On The Run//Back In The USSR/I’ve Got A Feeling/A Day in the Life-G
  5. The thing with Wilco shows is that they are all very good. If you close your eyes and only listen to the music... For me there was not that much difference between Groningen, Brussels 1 and Brussels 2. Except for the crowd. During 'Brussels 1' the crowd kept pouring in until IATTBYH, which was quite annoying. I decided to go to one of the balconies, where I saw a great show with a very good setlist. The pick of the evening was the absolutely great response to Impossible Germany. It even drowned the first 10 seconds of Sky Blue Sky. The second evening was more laid back and like one great encor
  6. I really would like to know your second thoughts, because I think it was a great show (I've seen worse, even in the Netherlands/i.m.h.o. Eindhoven, 2009). Maybe Jeff wasn't focussed as he used to be (forgot two times the lyrics of Radio Cure, was sometimes too late with his vocals). But how about that very long and extra applause for Nels (encouraged by Jeff) after Impossible Germany? I like the OSM>AoA (leaving out Poor Places). Great hearing Laminated Cat, an acoustic Spiders and I Am Always in Love for the first time. ALTWYS was meaner than ever (Jeff uses different guitar now). See
  7. How about seeing Wilco AND Paul in March? It's possible for the Dutch and Belgium Wilco-/Paul fans! So a little explosion in the head?
  8. Groningen and Brussels (both shows). Makes seven times Wilco within four, five months. More than I ever dreamed and an 'embarras de richesses'.
  9. 65 minutes of the Tilburg show on their website now: 1. One Sunday Morning 2. Art Of Almost 3. I Might 4. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 5. Bull Black Nova 6. Impossible Germany 7. Born Alone 8. Jesus, Etc. 9. Dawned On Me 10. Whole Love Encore: 11. Monday 12. Outtasite (Outta Mind) (http://tinyurl.com/3voor12tv-Wilco)
  10. I forget to mention this GREAT 3voor12-doc about Wilco (2002): 35 minutes with some terrific music: http://3voor12.vpro.nl/artikelen/artikel/45309798.
  11. Four tracks on the radio broadcast: I Might, Impossible Germany, Art Of Almost>Bull Black Nova.
  12. 1. One Sunday Morning 2. Poor Places 3. Art Of Almost 4. I Might 5. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 6. One Wing 7. Bull Black Nova 8. Black Moon 9. Impossible Germany 10. Born Alone 11. Jesus, Etc. 12. Capitol City 13. Handshake Drugs 14. Dawned On Me 15. Hummingbird 16. Whole Love 17. A Shot In The Arm Encore: 18. Via Chicago 19. California Stars (with Jonathan Wilson) 20. War On War 21. Standing O 22. I’m A Wheel 23. I’m The Man Who Loves You (Glenn standing again) 24. Monday 25. Outtasite (Outta Mind) (with a sort of extra coda) Monday 14th, my 14th show and my first Black Moon. Again,
  13. 1. One Sunday Morning 2. Poor Places 3. Art Of Almost 4. I Might 5. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 6. One Wing 7. Radio Cure 8. Impossible Germany 9. Born Alone 10. Jesus, Etc. 11. Capitol City 12. Handshake Drugs 13. Dawned On Me 14. Hummingbird 15. Whole Love 16. A Shot In The Arm Encore: 17. Via Chicago 18. War On War 19. Someday Soon 20. I’m The Man Who Loves You (Glenn standing ...) 21. Standing O 22. I’m A Wheel Sunday 13th, my 13th show and my first Radio Cure… Superb show, great audi
  14. The concert of Wilco, November 14th, 2011 in Tilburg (The Netherlands), that's a Monday: - will be broadcasted on Dutch radio (3FM) one week later (November 21); - can be watched on the digital channel Cultura24.nl (November 29). … and later “on demand” on the website of “3VOOR12TV” Check out: http://3voor12.vpro....rtikel/45221681 Dutch dope high!
  15. Having TWL for some days on my ZEN X-Fi2 these are my words (original or not and for starters: sorry for my English). 1. AoA: original beginning, beautiful, strange guitar-solo which doesn’t seems to fit (ALTWYS does it better), great ending. 2. IM: even better than Wilco (The Song)… 3. S.: Beatlesque, nice soundscape, but not my favorite. 4. DOM: secretly one of my favorite, (what a) superb (!) middle eight, but again this strange guitar-solo/distortion/16th-32th notes or whatever. Luckely the whistling brings the song back into focus. 5. BM, a little bit like 3. Like the sound of the high an
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