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  1. Only 4 days left to preorder the new Minders album that features a song about Nat! Spread the word to anyone who is friends with Natalie. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loudkittycreative/the-minders-into-the-river-album-release
  2. Hi friends of Natalie, I wanted to let you know that one of Natalie's favorite bands, The Minders, have a Kickstarter for their new album and they are close to reaching their goal. The new album features a song about Natalie. Having heard the song live, I can tell you it's really amazing and Natalie would be floored. If you would like to contribute and pre-order the album and help ensure it gets released, you can do so here:
  3. Friends of Natalie, Her sister informed me the other day that Natalie's book is out. Here's some information: Both parents have worked on editing, fact-finding, and basically compiling the chapters into a full-fledged book. We would love it if you checked it out and also spread the word. Here's some info about it: ... The Kindle edition of "When Your Song Breaks the Silence" is now available in the Kindle Store at amazon.com and via the Kindle app. The Smashwords edition (www.smashwords.com) is being distributed to Barnes & Noble (their Nook Store), Apple, Sony, and other e-book ca
  4. Hi all, Natalie's mom asked me to forward this on to her friends. It looks like some of Nat's writing has been published! What a fantastic tribute. I know Natalie would be very excited about this. Please feel free to forward this on to her friends that may not read this board too often. Here's a portion of the email from Natalie's mom: "I’m writing with some news. Ever since Natalie died, I have been working on getting her writing published: several stories, a novella, and her fictional biography of Schubert. I’m currently sending out some of the shorter work to a number of l
  5. excited for wilco tonight. although it's my first wilco show since natalie died...bittersweet.
  6. just wanted to say that i'm really really enjoying the new wilco album. thinking of natalie and all her friends here. xo mel
  7. planned parenthood has received close to $1 million dollars in donations thanks to a viral email that spread in regards to donating money "in sarah palin's honor" and sending the thank you card to john mccain's office. it makes me want to donate again in addition to honoring natalie
  8. it's weird not having nat here for her birthday. i'm sure we would have gone to the montage and did oyster shooters (yuck) like last year. :\ i would love to see natalie debate sarah palin.
  9. that is very cool, thanks! i just tried sharing the .wav file song link with natalie's sister, but for some reason the link isn't working on her computer. does anyone here know how to convert it to an mp3?
  10. oh man, that is way cool! where was this at? nat would be so honored. love the natopia banner.
  11. listening to summerteeth today and thinking of nat. she always told me that this album saved her life. if she were here today, we would both be feeling giddy about the upcoming spoon show next week. she was going to be my spoon buddy again.
  12. yeah, i can't help but think how sad natalie would be about this news. martyn was at her memorial and he informed us that they were breaking up. sad indeed.
  13. Hi guys, Natalie's sister has set up a scholarship fund in honor of Natalie at Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, the school Natalie attended. If you are interested in making a donation, checks can be made out to Birthingway College of Midwifery. You can send in checks individually, just be sure to include a note with your check (on the memo line of the check or a sticky note) that states something like, "for scholarship in honor of Natalie Jacobs." The address is: Rhonda Ray, Student Affairs Coordinator Birthingway College of Midwifery 12113 SE Foster Road Portland, OR 972
  14. interesting, thanks for your input. from everything i've read, it sounds like viral myocarditis mimics the symptoms of so many other illnesses (like a common viral infection), which is why it makes it so difficult to diagnose. i've read so many sad stories on the internet about young people passing away suddenly from viral myocarditis, some even died 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital. still, i wonder if she was kept a few more hours, if they would have detected a new symptom. although i do not know the exact time of her death, she did pass away the same day she was released.
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