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  1. For what it's worth... http://www.festheads.com/index.cfm?fA=fest.main&fid=143
  2. We're E26 & 28, so yeah, we'll say hi!!
  3. Same here!!! see you there...
  4. Correct you are, Wilco Worshipper... It's from the "Shake It Off" documentary that came with the deluxe release of Sky Blue Sky. You are quite knowledgable!
  5. I REALLY want to see them play Mountain Park, the new Iron Horse outdoor venue in Holyoke MA... but the Solid Sound five year North Adams plan may keep them away for awhile. It would be a GREAT venue for them though (and SO close to home for some of us!)
  6. Now the holidays are over, the countdown to the NYC shows begins... CAN'T WAIT!
  7. Our friends who we travelled to SSF with last year tried to book us rooms, couldn't find anything... so booked a 5 bedroom MANSION 3 miles from MassMoca. This is gonna be EPIC!!!
  8. Some cool news... our cover of Misunderstood is getting some airplay this morning on WRNX (FM 100.9) the leading AAA station in the Western MA area! Tune in if you can, or stream it www.wrnx.com It'll be on sometime between 11 and 12 Eastern.
  9. Just bought tix for both nights at the Webster Theater, NYC... SO PUMPED!! Thanks for the heads up, folks!
  10. So after a week with this, I'll admit to liking it more each listen... Definitely getting "behind" each contributors vision. It's been in the car CD player now non-stop since Sunday. (Although I pulled it out today for the new Autumn Defense disc; we're catching them in Boston Thursday, and I want to know the material). Donna, the FB post brought a bit of attention, but not tons of plays. Still time, I guess. To the production notes, you guys all have me beat. I can't record a thing to save my live, and so we went into Zing Studios in Westfield MA to do our track. I have a long history with them, and although the engineer was one I hadn't worked with before (Eric Arena) he did a great job (ten hour marathon with donuts and Paddy's Irish Whiskey for sustenance). In typical Merrick Section fashion, we were terribly unprepared for the session, and we were without a bass player. Tom Doherty played all guitars and bass (his first recorded bass tracks ever) and sang. I pretty much just drummed on this one. "Misunderstood" was Tom's choice for Wilco tune, and it was his general vibe we went for.. I knew the original much better, so threw the arrangement together, making sure to include Ken Coomer's snare cue before the solo (almost did the stick click, but opted against it). The mix was done by Jim Fogarty, who engineered/produced our CD (as well as three other projects I've done over the years. I SO thank them... the budget for this recording was embarrasingly low, and I truly expected them to say they couldn't do it, but they obviously came through for us, and went WAY beyond the call of duty. If any of you guys are in the Northeast and need a studio, call them!! Anyway, that's our story. I may drop a personal message to some of you soon, just cuz I'm a fan!
  11. I FINALLY had a chance to listen to the whole disc, and it's friggin' awesome... Don't have much else to say yet, but will soon. Thanks to Donna and all of my fellow contributors. The disc will be spinning non-stop for most of my Sunday. P.S. How many downloads so far, anyway to tell?
  12. Is this the full band ala Solid Sound does anyone know?
  13. Sooooo, any news? (yep, anxious impatience motivated post...)
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