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  1. For what it's worth... http://www.festheads.com/index.cfm?fA=fest.main&fid=143
  2. We're E26 & 28, so yeah, we'll say hi!!
  3. Same here!!! see you there...
  4. Correct you are, Wilco Worshipper... It's from the "Shake It Off" documentary that came with the deluxe release of Sky Blue Sky. You are quite knowledgable!
  5. I REALLY want to see them play Mountain Park, the new Iron Horse outdoor venue in Holyoke MA... but the Solid Sound five year North Adams plan may keep them away for awhile. It would be a GREAT venue for them though (and SO close to home for some of us!)
  6. Now the holidays are over, the countdown to the NYC shows begins... CAN'T WAIT!
  7. Our friends who we travelled to SSF with last year tried to book us rooms, couldn't find anything... so booked a 5 bedroom MANSION 3 miles from MassMoca. This is gonna be EPIC!!!
  8. Just bought tix for both nights at the Webster Theater, NYC... SO PUMPED!! Thanks for the heads up, folks!
  9. Is this the full band ala Solid Sound does anyone know?
  10. You have EVERY reason to be excited. Ellen (Wilco Worshipper) and I saw the show last Friday in Hartford and it was beyond words incredible... A show for the ages. I can't wait for the DVD!!!
  11. To quote myself (my facebook page), this was "the single finest weekend of my life... no lie". Words WILL fail me here, but I'll try. I used to go to ridiculous lengths, sacrifice, and expense to catch the Grateful Dead whenever and wherever I could. Few of my family, friends, co-workers understood. But they never experienced those "moments".., a six hour drive each way, madness in the parking lot before and after the show, a blown radiator on the beltway at rush hour, etc, all for that "moment". Everything would click musically, a Stella Blue, maybe a Crazy Fingers, it didn't really matter what song, but it always came at least once per show, when I knew I was standing exactly where I was supposed to be... at the fleeting, floating center of the universe. In that moment I would be moved to tears by the majesty, the beauty, the frailty of our existence, and my soul would be flooded with the purest of gratitude that I had been simply allowed to stand right there, right then. I felt that way again, some fifteen years later, during Jeff's set, standing in the rain, the Berkshires as backdrop. Some three thousand people, a festival audience no less, outside, and you could hear a pin drop... Such respectful, loving fans of a such a respectful, loving band. Thank you Wilco, thank you MassMoca, thank you Higher Ground, and thank you EVERYONE that performed and attended. It was wonderful beyond my feeble words.
  12. Yeah... I LOVE 'em!! Down By The Old Mainstream is one of my all time favorite discs at this point (and I never listened to them until '07). Great band. I actually just found "On Golden Smog" at a used CD store in Northampton MA for 5 bucks about a week ago. Cowboy Song may be in our setlist soon.
  13. Yeah, I thought you West Coasters might be appreciative... you're welcome. I'm really enjoying it.
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