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  1. Hello My name is Michael I will take both singles for Brooklyn Call me 707-685-4571
  2. Stranded on Long Island My ride to Solid Sound has backed out on me. If anyone has room for me I'd be willing to pay all gas and tolls and more... Please contact Michael @ 707-685-4571 Caught in a pot
  3. Was able to free up my schedule but unfortuantly missed the boat on tix Will take whatever I can get.
  4. Can someone link me to a guitar tab for this so I am not sad and lonely.
  5. Thanks for the link Anthony. Never even knew this page existed.
  6. I got to see it live twice this summer. It's my new fav. If someone can help me that would be awesome
  7. Nice job on The Saint Stephen Jeff. I also love the fact that during the California Stars Bob keeps going to the minor chord. It gives it a cool sound. Again, Thank you Wilco for an awesome Summer. Now go take a well deserved vacation and please make us a new record.
  8. Has anyone posted this show yet anywhere?? Would love to have it. Weir And Wilco What else could an old head ask for???
  9. Well, My Wilco shows for the Summer of 2013 are behind me now. Thank you Wilco for another fun filled musical ride around the country side. Mass Moca, Hoboken, and Jones Beach were the shows I could make. I must say that I have not had this much fun since the spring of 2010 on the Evevning With Wilco Tour. Even with the shorter sets, the guests and the shaking up of the set lists made this a blast for me
  10. HOLY SHIT!!! Been an Ian Hunter fan for the last 30yrs.+ This tour is so much fun
  11. I personally love A.D. They are tight and to see John and Pat as front men is great. I've grown to really appreciate what great musicians they really are. I can't say enough about the harmonies either. I hope they keep this going for a long time to come.
  12. Damn it!!! Bob and Jeff, My two favorite musicians sharing the stage. Ouch, this hurts.
  13. Weekend Forecast for N. Adams http://www.weather.com/weather/weekend/North+Adams+MA+USMA0282:1:US
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