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  1. Hey, if you're still looking, I have 2 tix in Section 501, Row K for my original price incl. fees ($86 x 2 = $172) They're AXS Mobile Tickets and I can transfer them via email. PM me ASAP if interested! -Josh
  2. I have 2 GA tickets available for instant transfer via AXS/Flash Seats apps at original cost ($164 for pair). LMK if interested.
  3. Hey Meg, if you still needs tickets, I have 2 available. Please let me know.
  4. Just saw this message - I still have them...check your PM. Thanks.
  5. Hi - Check your PM if still interested...
  6. I have two extra tickets available for the Beacon, Saturday 3/18. Seats are together in Orchestra Section 2 (aka Orchestra Right Center), Row W. Will also trade for any decent pair of tickets for Wednesday. PM me if interested. -Josh
  7. Sorry about that. it works natively in Chrome (which is what i use/tested it with). I will update if I find another host.
  8. Sure. I just did the same for both of this year's shows as well (in the torrents section). Feel free to add them to the Archive as well.
  9. Of course. Note that I just updated the link to be a little more user-friendly.
  10. Finally got around to this just today.Front of Balcony - Tascam DR-40 WAV 16bit/48k > Audacity (audience level adjustments) > FLAC Let me know if there are any problems with the link. Nice spending time in line with you. -Josh Link: [Edited 5/30/16 for better browser compatibility] http://bit.ly/1Uezdc1j
  11. I was there - they also performed "Farewell, Angelina" with Rosanne and Jeff alternating verses. It was a terrific show all around. After Seven Year Ache and Please Tell My Brother, Rosanne joked "we didn't plan to start off with a couple of 'wrist slashers'"
  12. 2 Tickets: “Balcony Center Right A” Row C, Seats 22 and 24 (Tickets are together) Half Price: $75 for Pair Can meet you at the Capitol
  13. 2 Tickets: “Balcony Center Right A” Row C, Seats 18 and 20 (Seats are together) Can meet you at the Capitol
  14. Got my plane tix. Soooo looking forward to this: Without seeing this!!
  15. What a delightful surprise on a day when every little thing seemed to have gone wrong! Thank you, Thank you! Always my favorite night(s) of the year worth the annual trip from NYC. And just when my balls have finally thawed out from last year......almost.
  16. Like the title says, I have an extra (hard ticket). I will be at Tuesday's show and plan to be there early on Wednesday so the handoff won't be a problem. PM me if interested.
  17. I know the theatre released some additional Floor tickets, but if anyone still wants one for 10/29, I have an extra (hard ticket). I will be there 10/28 and early on 10/29 so the handoff shouldn't be a problem. PM me if interested.
  18. Really good show. The sound was amazing, even up in the balcony. I, too, wish there was a little more singing along (at least in the customary places). You could see Jeff listening for it and proceeding accordingly. I pretty much expected Nels to make an appearance, but it was no less exciting to see/hear him. Thanks to whomever put Radio King in his mind.... I'm fairly certain that it replaced Muzzle of Bees (not that I dislike Muzzle of Bees, but Radio King has always been a fav of mine).
  19. Title says it all: I would like to downgrade my GC ticket to a GA ticket for Friday the 14th if anyone is interested.
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