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  1. I have 2 hard tickets for sale original price $85 per plus fees , I'm asking $70 a piece or best offer. Please text or call 708-254-0353 Thank you Nick
  2. Does anyone know the password for th "vip" tickets at the Park West on 10/20?
  3. Has anyone found the password for VIP tickets at the Parkwest?
  4. Does anyone have any idea of the seating arrangements at the July 12 show at Kane County ballpark? Is it GA?
  5. Hey VC'ers I'm coming from Chicago with my wife and two young kids......We're all totally psyched!! Just saw the boys in Indy and they were all talking about Solid Sound!!
  6. Has anyone else had trouble uploading a picture for the photo contest? Thanks
  7. That settles it we're bringing our kids. I think we will fly into Boston a day or two early and slowly make our way across the state. My kids demand Wilco or Jeff practically every time we get into the car so a fest thrown by them about interactive art and music would be hard to deny. Throw in all the state parks and this will make a great vacation. Thanks for input!!
  8. Wow thanks.I think he hit it right on the money.
  9. Hey I have two crazy Wilcoheads both under 6 and am seriously considering making this trip part of our summer vacation , especially with all the state parks I see on the maps I'm looking at. So here is my question : is anyone else considering taking their kids? Does anyone know the start times for the 2 Wilco shows ? Thanks for your help
  10. Hey thanks for the info...If Holiday inn gets booked tomorrow maybe you could recommend a B&B. Thanks
  11. I was sitting stage right directly next to the women that talked through the entire show. Jeff actually looked at her while he was singing 'Remember the Mountain Bed' and made a comment after the song. She was completely oblivious and never stopped yapping, but couldn't take away from the magic of this show. Many highlights like everyone mentioned here; hearing 'Poor Places' acoustically really blew me away. The kid from the audience who played a few chords onstage with Jeff was a fun moment too. These shows are really something special and I wish anyone who doesn't think so should stay hom
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