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  1. mike mills of REM also wore nudie suits for years on tour, if that rings a bell...
  2. this post and others nail it on the head; i don't think jeff has any animosity at all toward the city. people move away; i mean, chuck berry lives in wentzville now, right? but for whatever reason, people who live in st. louis are bizarre about tweedy's legacy and his music. i think it's the city's whole thing that people who have ambition are sometimes frowned upon as being "too good"; the idea of having too much pride is a negative thing. i'm not a native st. louisian, so i don't agree with it (or understand it), but as an outside observer, i've seen it. it's a real shame, honestly. the fac
  3. here's our review! http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/atoz/2008...the_pagea_2.php
  4. i'm writing, again, the exact same thing in my review!! glad everyone here had the same experience i did....
  5. i'm writing my review now and noting the exact same thing. people almost drowned out "she's a jar." is this why wilco "doesn't play on saturday nights," as jeff said?
  6. epic setlist tonight. pretty sure this is correct. let me know if not!
  7. our night two review is up: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/atoz/2008...the_pagea_1.php setlist is denoted with encores and such now.
  8. we had someone comment on our blog the songs played, but he didn't know the encores. can someone help? is this correct? any additions or subtractions? http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/atoz/2008..._wilco_at_t.php 1. Via Chicago 2. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 3. You Are My Face 4. Muzzle Of Bees 5. Handshake Drugs 6. A Shot In The Arm 7. Kamera 8. War On War 9. Jesus, Etc. 10. Impossible Germany 11. It's Just That Simple 12. Misunderstood 13. Forget The Flowers 14. California Stars 15. Can't Stand It 16. Theologians 17. I'm The Man Who Loves You 18. Poor Places 19. Reservations
  9. i was up until 6:30 a.m. the night before because Radiohead was in town, and needed a red bull AND a large coffee to stay awake! so i wasn't exactly all coherent, haha. i'll go fix it. thanks for not crucifying me. that was a total brain fart. and "kingpin" was in the first encore as well, confirmed? someone posted on our blog that it was, donl't want to spread misinformation.... [quote name='bb
  10. what an amazing show! can't believe it's the first of three nights; how is the rest of the stand going to improve? i'm there saturday too, expecting great things that night... i think the curfew that night is later, if i'm not mistaken. here's my review: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/atoz/2008...t_the_pagea.php
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